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New Verizon data outage reported across US

Every now and then we get various networks or services experiencing problems and some downtime. There is never a good time to lose a service but this time of year it can be even worse, and today we are hearing of a new Verizon Wireless data outage affecting users across the US.

The team over at Engadget is reporting via the Verizon forums that many users of the carrier are experiencing trouble with their data connection. It seems the problem is widespread with many unhappy Verizon subscribers reporting an issue with the carrier’s mobile data network.

Based on the carriers own Twitter feed and forums it seems that both the 3G and 4G networks are affected with the outage. After doing some tests in the San Francisco area by the Engadget team it was found that the data connections were unavailable.

Currently Verizon have not commented on the issue at the time of writing. There have been similar issues this year with the Verizon network, and back in April the carrier had issues that only affected its 4G network. We will update you when any new news becomes available.

Have you experienced issues in your area?



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