Best Christmas lights for 2011 – Skyrim or Battlefield 3?

As with every build-up to Christmas, many families like to go a little over the top when it comes to decorating their house with Christmas lights. Usually we wouldn’t be very interested in this, but when we see Christmas lights synchronized to the themes of Skyrim and Battlefield 3, it becomes a different beast entirely.

That is exactly what has happened in two videos we have to share with you now, and as you can imagine both are pretty mindblowing and seem to be going viral on YouTube right now. Let’s start off with the Skyrim Christmas lights video, as one video shows how someone has synced the Sons of Skyrim theme to their lights setup – the whole theme right from the slow start all the way to the epic chorus to great effect.

A additional similar video has been uploaded as well, this time for Battlefield 3. You may disagree with us here but we actually think that the Battlefield christmas lights show is better than the Skyrim video. Check out 1.00 in the video below to see what we mean – absolutely brilliant effects there to sync the lights for when the theme cuts out right before the chorus hits.

Which Christmas lights do you think look better? We would hate to think how much it would cost preparing a setup like this and keep it running all through the night for passers by. Then again, you do win the envy of the whole street, so if you have the money – why not blow it on some outrageous video game themed lights? Do you have any crazy neighbours who have splashed out Christmas lights this year?



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