Transformer Prime: ASUS offers shipping update, free $10 gift cards

By Alan Ng - Dec 20, 2011

One release saga may now be over as the Verizon Galaxy Nexus smartphone is finally available to buy, but for consumers looking to pick up the best tablet on the market, one is still very much ongoing in relation to the highly sought after ASUS Transformer Prime.

If you have ordered one, you’ll know that the device is still not available for shipping, with frustrated customers having to deal with delays and numerous shipping date changes. Since the device became available to pre-order in the US, consumers have been receiving all sorts of shipping dates from retailers, with Amazon in particular giving customers the run around with a collection of different dates.

The good news, is that Amazon are aware of the situation and have offered a goodwill gesture of a free $10 gift card in apology for the continuous shipping delays. Two examples of dates that customers have been getting in emails are December 20 and December 22. While this obviously isnt ideal, here’s a statement from the retailer in reference to the free $10 gift cards that they are handing out, as detailed by Droid-Life.

”We wanted to let you know your order for Transformer TF201-B1-GR (10.1-Inch Screen) Tablet was inadvertently canceled by our system. We’re very sorry about this. If you’d still like to purchase Transformer TF201-B1-GR (10.1-Inch Screen) Tablet, you may pre-order again after 12:00 a.m. PST December 19th at the following link:

To make up for any inconvenience, we’ll be sending you a $10 Gift Card code in the next few days via e-mail.”

We’re not sure if other retailers are offering gift cards as a way of saying sorry for the delay, but we’re sure consumers won’t mind waiting a few more days for the elusive Transformer Prime. Unfortunately though, we’ve also seen some cases where consumers are being told that their Transformer Prime will not ship until after Christmas, which is obviously a big blow.

If you have ordered a device, what is the earliest delivery date that you have been told? Are you starting to get frustrated, or can you understand the delays for such an in-demand device?

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  • TG

    I have tracking numbers for both the tablets (ordered 2 32 GB gray) and the docks. They are supposed to deliver on Friday. I ordered them from Best Buy on11/29.

  • MPF

    Pre-ordered 32GB Tablet (Champagne)  at amazon November 22, 2011. Currently showing 
    Friday January 27, 2012 – Wednesday February 15, 2012 and I’m p*ssed off about it. Still no delivery date for the matching keyboard.

  • Quinn

    I have my tracking number from Best Buy and should receive it no later than Thursday

  • Darkeyce

    I preordered form tigerdirect…and received it today….
    Infact it came a day EARLIER than expected. I’ve got no complaints!

    • Azn-stalker

      ur so frikin lucky man i shud have gotten it from tiger direct instead of futureshop. now futureshop changed the release date to dec 30. they cant make up their frikin mind i’m getting so pissed. especially at asus for not making as many primes as they shud have.

      • Sleepnumber Todd

        I ordered from Tiger Direct USA and they told me they didn’t have any, didn’t get any, and that the first shipment would be 1/15/12. Either you are getting it from TD Canada or TD USA lied to me. They didn’t offer me any $10 credit and I even will be charged $7 to have it shipped. Not a happy camper today! Also ordered the matching keyboard from J&R (used my Discover Card and saved $10). That hasn’t shipped either.