Skyrim FXAA Injector mod, before and after screenshots

By Jamie Pert - Dec 20, 2011

Yesterday we told you how to make women in Skyrim more beautiful via a couple of face-changing mods, today we have a new mod to tell you all about, this is the FXAA Post Process Injector by some_dude. Don’t be put off by the complicated name, what this mod does is make the game’s visuals even more stunning than they already are.

You can find out all about this mod and how to install it here, the mod applies post processing effects such as technicolor, sepia, tonemap, bloom, sharpen and vignette to enhance your graphics. The good news is that there are plenty of presets available, so you don’t necessarily have to tinker with settings yourself. The person who developed this mod highly recommends using it in conjunction with the Skyrim Enhance Shaders mod.

This mod has been very popular with the SkyrimNexus community, so far it has seen over 450,000 downloads and only a very small minority of people have experienced problems, if you happen to come across problems this forum thread may be worth checking out.

Below we have embedded a couple of screenshots showing the massive difference which the mod makes, we think the ‘After’ screenshot looks much better than the original – do you agree?

Another great screenshot can be seen below, we think the color saturation looks great and not as washed out as the original, also it really makes the fire look like it is glowing and the different wood textures and colors jump out at you.

Screenshots are great, but they don’t always give you a true representation of just how smoothly the mod really runs, therefore we have embedded a video below which shows the mod in action, it looks fluid to us.

The mod should get better over time as ‘some_dude’ has been busy updating the mod on a regular basis, why not try it out quickly and let us know what you think in the comments section below?

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  • Ryan

    I believe that the original theme looks better on all images. In my personal opinion, the mod just makes the game look more like a warm, saturated landscape, a landscape like Cyrodill. Okay for some, but the whole graphic concept of Skyrim was to make the player feel as though they are in a much colder, rougher landscape – a Viking landscape if you will. This mod could be a great improvement for some players however I would like to stick with what the designers wanted it to ‘look like’. When I say ‘look like’ I mean that what they wanted the game to feel like in terms of environment. Yes, an improvement for the finer details and textures would be nice but please don’t change the games warmth and environmental theme.

    As I’ve said, this is my opinion, to some I may be wrong, to others I may be correct. All I ask is to not judge my piece. Thanks for reading.

    • Anonymous

      ^Yeah, I actually agree but I like the fact that people can use mods to change it if they want to.