Nintendo Wii U: World’s second hardware tease could come at CES 2012

By Alan Ng - Dec 20, 2011

For those of you who were left excited after Nintendo’s first unveiling of the Wii U console back in E3 this Summer, we have some potentially good news for you. Reports are suggesting that the company may be planning to make a surprise visit to CES 2012 next month, and could use the event to give the world a second look at their upcoming console.

The Consumer Electronics Show isn’t really known for big gaming announcements, as consumers are usually used to seeing exciting new smartphone and other tech announcements, but 2012 could be the CES event which makes gaming a much more prominent figure.

An article published by CNET has revealed that Nintendo are planning to bring their next generation gaming console to Las Vegas and with it, a second glance at the elusive hardware which left many questions unanswered after E3 2011 in June. If this information is true and we’ll see the Wii U in the flesh again next month, we hope that they finally have some actual gameplay footage to show off, as you’ll agree that the Wii U video footage (actually Xbox 360 and PS3 footage) shown at E3 wasn’t the best way to showcase a brand new console, to put it lightly.

While the article at CNET is claiming that this is a done deal, one rumor that doesn’t appear to be going away is the seemingly farfetched possibility of Microsoft dropping the first official information on their next Xbox console at CES 2012 as well. It looks unlikely to happen though from our point of view, with a reveal at E3 2012 instead a lot more believable.

One gaming device that we will see at CES 2012 is Sony’s PS Vita. The device is already out in Japan of course, but gamers in the US and Europe do not have long to wait until that magical February 22nd date lands. Hopefully Sony will be giving a full unveil of an English version of the device, while a Vita game price reveal would be useful too.

Are you interested in taking a second look at the Nintendo Wii U? Is it possible that CES 2012 could feature two of the three ‘next generation’ gaming consoles, at a non-gaming event?

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  • SteveDOF

    I’m surprised that the Vita, isn’t exactly setting Japanese gamers alight with excitement, sales don’t yet match even the poor start of the 3DS. No doubt that will change, but in a country with more than it’s fair share of early adopters this slow start must be worrying for Sony.

    • Freedomgamer123

      What do you expect from a country recently hit by earthquakes & tsunami. Nintendo was lucky they launched before the disasters. 
      If you have been following sales figures in Japan recently the PS2 is still selling well and before the 3DS price drop PSP was the top seller and now the 40% cheaper 3DS. So you can tell Japan is in economic crisis. So no surprise there.