BF3: PS3 problem fixing for next update – QBU-88, BTR-90

By Alan Ng - Dec 20, 2011

It has been over two weeks now since EA DICE unleashed the Back to Karkand DLC expansion pack for Battlefield 3. Prior to this pack landing on the PlayStation 3, patch updates for the game were fairly frequent, although now things seem to have died down a little.

That doesn’t mean to say that PS3 online multiplayer is problem free, far from it actually as there are some pretty serious bugs that need fixing, and we just hope that DICE has acknowledged them all and are planning to sort things out by the time the next patch update arrives.

While we probably have missed a lot of issues that are going on in the game, we are going to list a few that we have noticed – issues that are very frustrating when playing the game since one minor hitch can obviously mean the difference between life or death.

One problem we have noticed is a strange bug involving the QBU-88 auto sniper rifle, a new weapon that you’ll get by completing one of the Back to Karkand assignments. The bug renders the gun completely useless as the aiming system disappears as the player seemingly holds the gun above his or her head, making it impossible to aim down the sights – leaving a no scope shot the only option.

Another issue which you have problem noticed as well, is the thermal vision sight when zooming in with the BTR-90 tank. It definitely doesn’t feel as normal as the LAV-25 thermal aiming in comparison, so we’re hoping that DICE fixes this in the next patch update as well.

Other minor issues that we feel need a fix to the game, include being able to look at your assignments in between rounds, and also being able to quit a game straight after a match or on the loading screen – why this wasn’t included from the start is beyond us. We’ve also seen instances in some games when matches begin without the player receiving their regular loadout – i.e, spawning with level 1 guns and equipment – again a frustrating bug which shouldn’t be there.

Have you experienced all of these problems as well? Remember that these are just happening on the PS3 version at the moment, but they may also be occuring on the Xbox 360 and PC versions. If you have spotted any other serious looking issues with BF3 that DICE seems to have overlooked, leave us a comment below.

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  • david

    probleme toujour pa resolue avec le QBU 88 ?

  • RNV

    I think the Straight-pull bolt upgrade for the L96 is also glitched. from what i can tell, it just doesnt work. u still have to zoom out to reload the next round

  • Maximillain Thermador

    My brother got the damn bug with the sniper rifle and the MG36
    I hope they fix it

  • I have the QBU-88 bug more than 80% of the time i carry it. I’ve opted to down grade my spec ops kit simply because this powerful weapon (i know this as it’s worked 20% of the time) isn’t working.

    The inability to quit directly after a match is bizarre. It’s understood the “saving” queue is during the transfer from game A to B, but that could have been easily corrected/identified before launch. It is what is so millions of us have spent countless “25 second” periods. It would be interesting to find out the total amount of time wasted, by ALL users!

    Outside of that, this game is hands down the best/most interesting shooter i’ve ever played.

    Long Live Dice and the Battlefield franchise.

    It’s the bomb!

  • quagadugu

    when I’m using the MG36 it’s also held above the head, it’s really ennoying. hope they are going to do something about it because this isn’t what i paid for…

  • millu

    Lately i’ve been having problems doin a rush game or conquest i can only play squad deathmatch and squad rush… it’s really frustrating you try to play what you want and it says cannot connect to server

  • Mr_ledford218

    Im having the “no guns” issue here to but i start every round with no weapons and the sound if fucked up like its really far away. I can get into vehicles and use the mounted weapons but NONE of my weapons show up only the crosshairs. I see people saying this happens AFTER they die and spawn back in. Mine is just doing it right off the bat. I don’t know what the issue is, or if I just need to wait for DICE to fix this MAJOR botch they have gotten themselves into. ANY IDEAS?!  

  • I have had a couple of these problems, alongside of the MG36 one as well. 
    While i was able to shoot the gun, if i hit the trigger three times and held it the fourth. I am able to use the QBU-88 for some reason. Not getting the cross hair, but still somehow getting headshots. I think the farthest without the cross hairs is like 200 meters, I do MUCH better with them. 
    As far as the BTR90 problem, I have yet to come across trying the thermal optics for it. I just straight out don’t like it. 
    Also, I agree that we should be able to leave servers/games in between rounds and look at our assignments. It would make the game much more enjoyable to not have to stop playing to re-look at the missions you still need to complete. (I am with everyone that tried to memorize them all and do a little of each thinking you completed at least one.) 
    One last one, I never once came across the spawning problem. I always looked at what I had before I spawned into battle. Cause hesitation and confusion gets people killed.
    I am playing this for the PS3 and freaking love it! Even with it’s faults,(That hopefully are fixed very soon) I rank it number one FPS I have played yet. (Yes I played COD MW3) The only thing that would make this game better, after having the bugs fixed, would be to add some hand to hand combat somehow… For those of us who can empty both guns and equipment without dying in one life and don’t feel like switching into someone else’s load out. 

  • Ajel

    This has been happening for myself as well, on PS3, with the MG36, the 2nd new unlock for the support  class. I can’t use the gun at all anymore, ive tried restarting the PS3, changing the mods on the gun, nothing works. I seriously hope they fix it becuase I loved the MG36…

  • Riltondigger

    I have the QBU-88 problemen too…

  • Cuminsds

    Why is it that when ever you start a squad (3-4) people and try to enter a game your squad is always broke up, usually 1-2 people are on the other team. This even happens in squad death match. My voip doesn’t work all the time especially if put it on team talk instead of squad.

  • Cuminsds

    Why is it that when ever you start a squad (3-4) people and try to enter a game your squad is always broke up, usually 1-2 people are on the other team. This even happens in squad death match. My voip doesn’t work all the time especially if put it on team talk instead of squad.

  • False_pr0phet666

    Every time I play Rush or TDM the game starts out fine, then I die 2 or 3 times and I respawn without a weapon.  I can’t shoot, knife, throw a grenade, place a claymore or anything.  I can however throw down a supply or med kit.  This is seriously *&^%$#@ me off.  I can’t even back out of the match when this happens as I get stuck on a never ending load screen.

    • Chipmonktim

      I have been having the same exact issue!!! Someone help!!!!!

      • False_pr0phet666

        I play on the PS3 and apparently this is happening across all platforms. 

  • Frankbessette

    Anyone have that issue with tHe mg36?

  • Telemea_sarata98

    Recently I’ve been experienceing another bug on PS3 and Xbox, when I tell the console to make a quick match it tells me I’ve got net problems. I have to start a match with the server explorer

  • K4-Vendetta

    Xbox version drives me nuts not being able to quit before a match or select option,BF2 had ten times better view in jet as well as chopper tank etc,fact play it yourself and see,sniper aiming frustrating most times,have eyes on medium range more so on say flag A strike @K map shoot 3 full clips bang on not even a marker hit shows major physics flaw..Fix the bugs EA/Dice..BF2 in a lot of ways puts this game to shame in game play…

  • Jondoe

    its not just the sniper weapon the mg36 does that too.. and the ability to “back out” is a COD feature and has NEVER been present in bf games… do you just expect them to include EVERYTHING to make you feel more comfortable. DICE has already altered their weapon models to make you COD people feel better about playing a more immersive game. what else do you media people want.

  • Anonymous

    B2K has been out for 2 weeks on PS3.. where is this patch?

  • Chipmonk

    My ps3 froze on the initial install of the expansion pack, the next day it worked. I got maybe one round of solid gameplay then after I respawn once I am unable to use any wepons and basically can only run around. Now my game freezes everytime I try to enter a match. At first I thought my ps3 was on it’s last legg so I put a few othergames on and they work fine online. If I hadn’t installed that expansion pack I would think that my game is scratched. Are these issues from the DLC or should I think about getting rid of bf3?

    • Je55man

      same exact issue I have.  I have done everything possible to fix this issue and nothing has worked.  Its the game.  Dice needs to fix it.

      • ledicus420

        have you tried delting the download then reloading it i have never had this problem

        • Chipmonktim

          I wasn’t to sure how to remove it. Now I can play one round just fine but as soon as I die I respawn with no weapon. It runs smoothly just no weapons. And if I do finish out a game the loading screen frezes. And this is with the regular weapons, not the new sniper or mg.

  • Hawaiian

    My mg36 is the only gun that is raised off the screen , very disappointed I think that’s the best gun online.
    I also am having issues with the mk3a1 assignment, I have gotten over 30 kills with the btr 90 ifv and on my assignments I shows I only got 3 kills, also very dissapointed.

  • Anonymous

    the ” starting a round without the normal guns” is likely because you’ve selected a gun which is only available if you are playing on american/russian side. I noticed it the first week and got annoyed, asking “why isn’t this/that gun available anymore??”.

    quiting games between rounds should be included also.

  • Cantrell_3

    VoIP needs to be sorted on ps3 no communication kills the game completely

    • Guest

      VOIP works fine

  • Lowkey10011

    Yes also happens on the 360 version and wtf is up with the crouch/knife button on the thumb stick i hate that should be blank. Im serious thinking about pick up mw3 because dice fucked this game up big time.

    • Guest2231

      the that must be a 360 feature try adjusting the the controls… and rent mw3… its crap i own both games and can’t play mw3 more than 15 min b4 i just [put bf3 back in.

  • TDM Spawning still really bad.  The ability to spawn on your squad would be good seen as the whole objective of TDM is to work as a team

    • Game

      You can spawn with your squad.