Women in Skyrim are prettier with new Coverwomen mod

By Jamie Pert - Dec 19, 2011

Telling our readers about all the cool Skyrim mods for PC is an endless task, however every now and then we come across a popular mod which really catches our eye. Today we will introduce you to the Coverwomen mod by mrLenski, a mod which makes female characters in the game prettier than ever before.

You can download the mod for yourself over at SkyrimNexus.com, you must then extract the files and place them into your Skyrim folder (Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim). Now when you play the game all of the females in the game should have high resolution faces, no-matter their race (Breton, Dark Elf, High Elf, Imperial, Nord, Redguard or Wood Elf).

According to the mod’s official description the mod brings female characters better skin, eyebrows, lips and make-up. So far this mod has been downloaded from the SkyrimNexus website over 40,000 times and most people who have left feedback are very complimentary of the mod. Below we have embedded one image showing just how much better women look with this mod installed, you can see more images here.

What’s great is that the person behind this mod has taken time to create different looks, so if you don’t like one particular look or you fancy a change there are others to choose from.

Another mod which is very similar is the Better Females by Bella mod by BellaGail. You can find out more about this mod and perhaps download it via this link, it has been downloaded almost 250,000 times and what’s great is that BellaGail is actively working on improving this mod and keeps listening to user feedback and rolling out slight changes.

Have you used either of these mods for Skyrim? If so, would you recommend them?

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  • Alison O’Donnell

    Why do they need to be pretty? Sexy mods are so over done and its less practical a woman can’t g to battle for real with her middrift showing shed get slaughtered so easily it’s stupid

  • I REALLY need to get Skyrim for the PC now…even more so once the creation kit comes out.

  • Qia

    PLEASE tell me the steps to create female faces like above – i tryed so many times now with these 4 mods

    1. bellas better females plus less mak up
    2. younger faces
    3. xenius character enhancement

    – i dont get the combijation witch comes first and witch after the other?

    thanxxxx 🙂

  • 6bbuchanan Mark017277

    whats the point in this game? just wandering because i might it.

    • 6bbuchanan Mark017277

      to get ot

      • 6bbuchanan Mark017277

        damit cant spell ment to say get it

  • Jcalberta

    why do we play these games?? for the action, of course! (cough cough)

  • Ben Bourjois

    Coverwoman is muuuch better.

  • Gamecritical1

    bella is better

  • Brianna

    It looks lovely.

    Could you inform me of what that particular outfit is called, or where it can be found?
    Thank you,

    • Gabe

      The outfit is the modified Elven armor by KillerKeos for the CBBE body replacer.