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HTC Thunderbolt gets 2.11.605.9 update, not Ice Cream Sandwich sadly

We have some important news for HTC Thunderbolt owners now, and it is good news as it looks like you are getting another official software update from Verizon which will bring some minor tweaks and enhancements to the old battleaxe.

The last time we spoke of any official updates for the HTC Thunderbolt was back in October, when the handset received an upgrade to Android Gingerbread build number 2.11.605.5. Now though, we have word that Verizon are prepping build 2.11.605.9 for download and it should be rolling out to customers as we speak.

The update weighs in at 36MB and includes fixes for contact ringtones, notification volume and improved streaming playback support. There’s also improvements for Exchange ActiveSync, a new Twitter API and the Clock app can now be seen in the all app list as well.

Unfortunately, that’s all you are getting. While it is nice that Verizon and HTC are still pushing out these minor updates, customers would really love to see the HTC Thunderbolt get an official update to Ice Cream Sandwich. The chances of this are probably very slim officially, but there’s great optimism that someone will end up developing a stable unofficial port which runs just fine.

If you want to see the official document containing the update notes, you can view the direct PDF file here, courtesy of Droid-Life. We’ve heard that some users have the update already, so if you haven’t received a notification, it’s a good idea to head to your phone settings to see if the update is available manually.

Have you noticed any other features in this new Gingerbread update that haven’t been mentioned? How optimistic are you that the HTC Thunderbolt will get an official update to Ice Cream Sandwich?



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