Best Battlefield 3 kill ever: Amazing RendeZook Jet heroics

With the huge scope of Battlefield 3’s various playgrounds at gamers mercy, there are going to be a few occasions when certain gameplay videos draw attention online for their sheer epicness or uniqueness. We have found a video for you to watch now which without doubt fits both of these categories.

If you watch Battlefield 3 gameplay videos online regularly, there’s a good chance you may have already seen this clip, since in just the space of a few days, it has already racked up more than five million views on YouTube.

For those of you that haven’t seen it though – wow. This could be the best Battlefield 3 kill you are ever going to see, and it comes courtesy of Rendezook and some immense jet flying which culminates in the player, Stungravy ejecting out of a jet, whipping out an RPG, firing a rocket and HITTING an incoming jet below, and then the player casually lands straight back in the cockpit of his jet without a scratch.

A 30 second clip of the video has now been edited to include the A-Team music at the end of the video to great effect, and it’s currently heading towards six million views as of December 8 when the clip was first uploaded. It’s definitely the best Battlefield 3 moment we’ve witnessed so far, and you’ll probably agree with us. However, a second clip we’ve added below is pretty amazing too – a sniper headshot on a jet pilot, followed by the sniper jumping straight into the now-vacant jet. We’re sure you’ll enjoy that one too.

Have you seen a better Battlefield 3 moment than the death from above RPG kill showcased here? If so, drop us a comment below with some links so other users can check out even more epic BF3 gameplay.



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