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PS Vita manual goes live as FIFA Soccer gets release date

Sony’s new handheld console has finally launched in Japan with thousands of excited gamers looking to snap up the replacement for the PSP. Now the PS Vita manual has gone live on the internet as FIFA Soccer gets a release date for the system.

Sony has posted the Vita’s manual online and it’s in English, and according to Electronista features some things that were not known before. The system has to get standard definition video via the PlayStation Store, and it cannot currently play 1080p. This could mean it will be receiving an update in the future, and the Vita can’t playback HD video content transferred from the PS3 with 720p is all it can play in normal use.

It also has up to six LiveArea screens for multitasking, a data use tracker for 3G, and support for screenshots. Using the console without much Wi-Fi or 3G use should get you between three to five hours of gaming time, so if you intend using multiplayer a lot you will need it plugged in for power.

Owners are locked into one PSN account for the device with memory cards locked to the console, so presently you won’t be able to swap these to another system. The PS Vita can work for Remote Play to control the PS3 via a local network or online. There are some features off limits such as playing movie discs, which are probably for security reasons.

Meanwhile it has been announced by the PlayStation Blog that FIFA Soccer will be arriving on the system in February, which will be in time for the device launching in other parts of the world. Have you recently decided to get the PS Vita?



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