Skyrim Patch 1.3: More Xbox 360 bugs reported

By Gary Johnson - Dec 17, 2011

Since The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was launched despite the game having some issues many are still enjoying this huge game. Owners of the PS3 have had issues with the game lagging while Xbox 360 owners have had to deal with the texture problem. Now another Skyrim patch has gone live, and the 1.3 patch has some new bugs being reported.

After the last patch 1.2 was released it managed to sort out around fifteen different bugs but created a number of new ones. Just Push Start is reporting these included a game breaking bug for certain players. Also some gamers now experienced crashes as well as corrupt save files.

Now Bethesda has released Patch 1.3 with the promise that it will fix a number of different issues, but there have been some reports of some new bugs. One of which is a balancing issue that is causing players to level up entirely too fast. Currently though it does seem to be a small number of users complaining about the problem, and is otherwise a stable patch.

One thing that has to be remembered about Skyrim is the huge size of the game, and the fact there was no beta to sort through any problems ahead of release. The game was in development for a long while though and problems can frustrate many gamers. You have to give credit to Bethesda though who have released three patches in the short time the game has been available, but the game has seen some big discounts already.

Have you noticed any new bugs since the latest Skyrim patch was released?

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  • Xcoder

    Skyrim is best played in PC… I beat the game with version 1.1 and didn’t have any problems at all… I upgraded to 1.3 last week and I’m playing my 2nd run for the game.

  • Crisis91991

    the only problem I have is dead dragons showing up in my citys, its not that bad but it tends to lag

  • Sam

    lol, Bethesda releasing yet another broken patch? Who would believe that!

  • I have no problem on mine except for dying NPC with out me killing them. Especially the important one that are gettin killed by dragons… maybe.