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iPhone 4S: Mysterious new iOS 5.0.1 build 9A406 could make Siri port legal

If you own an iPhone 4S, you may have been surprised this week to notice that Apple has pushed a new software update that is available to download now. The iOS 5.0.1 firmware is still the same version, but the update is different in the fact that is has a new build number.

At the moment, a lot of users are scratching their heads as to what this update actually does, since Apple has not offered any sort of official patch notes on what has changed since the last iPhone 5.0.1 build. It’s also important to point out that this update is only available for the iPhone 4S and not for any other iOS device such as the iPhone 4.

Has the company secretly improved on those well-documented battery life woes that have plagued the handset since launch, or is it just a very minor maintenance or security update that Apple feel the need not to tell anyone about? For your reference, the new build number is identified as 9A406 and can be download now on the iPhone 4S via iTunes or on your handset directly via OTA.

You may recall that when Apple released iOS 5.0.1 last month, they clearly stated in their update notes that improvements to battery life have been made. There is no sign of this in this new iPhone 4S update though, so it continues to be a mystery on what has been fixed. If you have already installed the update on the iPhone 4S, let us know of any changes you have noticed, such as an increase in battery life.

Update: Information posted by iPhone hacker MuscleNerd appears to suggest that one of the changes Apple has made in their new iOS 5.0.1 build is to make porting Siri to the iPhone 4 ‘legally possible’ by allowing system files to be accessed, as detailed by CultofMac. More information on this coming soon.



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