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Battlefield 3 DLC: Physical Warfare Pack available, timed-exclusive on PS3

We have some further good news for PS3 owners of Battlefield 3 now, as following on from the week of exclusivity you received for the Back to Karkand DLC expansion pack, EA has just released the Physical Warfare DLC pack for free which is also a timed-exclusive on Sony’s console.

You may remember that the Physical Warfare pack was previously only available to those that had pre-ordered the game. Now though the pack is available for those that bought the game at launch, just for PS3 owners initially according to the BF Blog.

As a reminder of what the pack contains, you’ll get a brand new weapon to use for the support class which is the Type 99 light machine gun. If you haven’t already unlocked the DAO-12 shotgun which we expect most of you already have, then the Physical Warfare pack will also grant you instant access to this weapon on all classes.

However, one brand new item that you’ll have to use with the DAO-12 shotgun, is the flechette ammo which wasn’t included at launch. This ammo allows bullets to penetrate your victims more easily, as you will probably have seen by using the flechette ammo with a different shotgun. Finally, the pack also adds a brand new accessory to the popular SKS semi-auto sniper rifle. By installing the Physical Warfare pack, you’ll get a flash suppressor for this weapon which will allow you to stay hidden off the minimap when firing rounds. Again, this was previously only available for pre-orders but now you’ll have a chance to use it as well.

There’s no word on when this pack will be available for the Xbox 360 and PC versions of the game, but we expect it may be a week later just like Back to Karkand. It’s great that EA has made this is a free download for PS3 owners, as EA could have easily charged for it if they wanted to – you are getting a brand new weapon to use in the Type 99 machine gun don’t forget.

Download the pack now and let us know your thoughts on it. Have you been using the DAO-12 a lot? It’s fair to say that his weapon is a beast.



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