New MW3 multiplayer modes coming, gamers want spawn point fix

If you are playing Modern Warfare 3 regularly at the moment, listen up as Infinity Ward has just revealed that a surprise is in store for all players this weekend. You may have heard some recent whispers that more multiplayer modes are coming to the game, but now we have word that they will be landing as soon as in a few days time.

Full details of the new multiplayer modes haven’t been made official yet, but Infinity Ward community manager Robert Bowling has revealed on his Twitter account within the last few hours that new modes are coming to the game this weekend and that players should expect a ‘surprise’.

Here’s the Tweet in full, posted on his FourZeroTwo account:

”Ready for new game modes for Modern Warfare 3? I’ve got some surprises for you for the weekend. I’ll confirm full details tomorrow! #MW3”

As you can see, the company are expected to reveal this surprise in full tomorrow, so make sure you stay tuned for details of that. What new modes could possibly be coming to the game? It’s definitely a surprise to us as well, as we would have thought that new content such as multiplayer modes would come in the form of DLC, which usually gamers have to pay for.

The nature of Bowling’s Tweet suggests that everyone is involved in this surprise, meaning that it is going to be free. However, it could turn out to be some of the DLC content that is available for Call of Duty Elite members, as part of their free DLC agreement. We’ll have to wait and find out what happens tomorrow, it’s exciting nevertheless.

On a side note, we’ve read a few replies on Twitter following on from Bowling’s Tweet. Many relate to one thing and that is the fact that Infinity Ward should fix the spawn problem that is occuring in the game, rather than bring out these new modes. What are your thoughts on this – is it a huge problem for you or not?

Give us your best ideas on what modes you’d like to see in MW3.



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