Metal Gear Rising: 2010 Vs 2011 new gameplay compared

By Alan Ng - Dec 15, 2011

One of the big talking points at the recent Video Game Awards aside from Skyrim picking up the award for G.O.T.Y for 2011, was the fact that highly anticipated title Metal Gear Solid: Rising has now been completely remade.

Platinum Games are now developing the game alongside Kojima Productions and Hideo Kojima’s watchful eye, but new footage of the game which aired at the awards is now the subject of big debate, with many gamers feeling that this new Metal Gear game isn’t heading in the direction that fans of the legendary franchise had hoped.

To give you an idea of the changes, we’ve picked out a great video which you probably haven’t seen yet, which compares the old and initial Metal Gear Rising gameplay, with new Rising gameplay which is taken from Platinum Games’ new build of the game. There are significant changes from the two versions as you’ll see below, the most obvious of which is the fact that the new re-imagining of the game now takes fundamental elements from the ‘hack and slash’ genre, as opposed to the original footage which fans believed would still maintain that core ‘stealth’ element which has become a key feature of the franchise.

Platinum Games are a team which have also developed titles such as Bayonetta and Vanquish, which gives a clear explanation to the frantic Ninja Gaiden style gameplay that now features prominently in the game. Fans are obviously divided on their opinions on the game at the moment, but with Kojima Productions still collaborating with Platinum Games for the 2012 game, Mr Kojima obviously feels that fans are still in good hands by passing the majority of tasks over to Platinum Games.

On a side note, we’ve also got a fascinating interview from Konami to show you, which gives you an exact idea into the thought process behind the decision to switch to Platinum Games as an added development team. There’s also some new gameplay footage from Metal Gear Rising to check out towards the end, so make sure you watch that as well.

After seeing the old and new builds of the game, what is your overall feeling towards Metal Gear Rising? Are you slightly more optimistic about the project now after watching the interview video, or do you believe that the old version should have been finished solely by Kojima Productions and left untouched?

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  • Zack Fair404

    I’m sick of people bitching about the changes. After seeing what he’s able to do in 4, moving to hack and slash may be for the best. Let’s not forget who’s going to be double and triple checking EVERY detail in this series: Hideo Kojima. He won’t let it pass unless it’s good.

  • Sam

    Wtf is that piece of horse sh*t. If I wanted to play dynasty warriors I would. The 1st build wasn’t great, but at least some mechanics looked great, with the ability to slash people up in slow mo. But the new build is just freaking dynasty warriors in the future with some blood. I can’t believe Kojima actually works on this crap. Either they just gave him a f**k load of money or he just doesn’t give a crap anymore. Transform the longest running stealth franchise in history into a vulgar hack and slash. F**k Raiden and screw this game. I’ll wait until a real MGS 5 comes out.