Skyrim DLC: Most requested, most feared and multiplayer

By Alan Ng - Dec 14, 2011

If you have been playing Skyrim endlessly since the game launched on November 11, there’s a high probability that you are now keeping a close eye on any developments regarding official DLC releases for the game. We know that DLC is definitely coming, but now we have some of the most requested and most feared ideas to share with you.

At the moment, Bethesda has yet to announce any DLC for the game, as they probably still prioritizing fixing the game up further for those that are having ongoing problems. That hasn’t stopped fans dropping some ideas for what they want to see though, and as you can imagine there are plenty of great ideas.

One of these is the possibility of heading back to Morrowind and Cyrodiil and taking everything from Skyrim back into those worlds to undertake new quests. Obviously this is a big ask for Bethesda as the content would be massive, but one strong rumor shown here reveals how it isn’t exactly impossible to imagine.

Other requests for Skyrim involve Bethesda putting more guilds into the game, adding huge dungeons with endless treasure for players to explore, and introducing the ability to fly dragons in Skyrim. We’ve also seen a lot of requests for more dragon shouts to be included as DLC, but we feel that all these so far come under the minor category. Bethesda has said multiple times that the DLC for Skyrim will be ‘substantial’ and add quality over quantity, which makes chances of expansion-pack style DLC much more likely.

There’s probably a good reason why Bethesda hasn’t announced anything yet, and we hope it is because the content is so big that they still haven’t finished building it yet. As for some of the content that you don’t want to see, we think that horse armor is probably top of your lists and is also specifically mentioned in an related article here over at OXM, which lists ‘eight things that we don’t want to see as DLC’. Other notable mentions that they don’t want to see is more repetition of enemies, i.e – adding new enemies in specific locations would be better, rather than adding a new enemy but have them appear all the time like the current system.

One idea which probably won’t happen but we have seen plenty of requests for is multiplayer. The Elder Scrolls franchise is best-known for its single-player gameplay, but for some reason multiplayer remains a high priority for some gamers. We’re not sure how Bethesda would make this work though, unless they somehow made it possible for a second player to just jump in at any moment during the times when players are just roaming around the world. Perhaps this is a job best reserved for the modding community, as we’re sure they can come up with something along these lines.

Hopefully it won’t be too long until Bethesda dish out some official information on Skyrim, but in the meantime let us know your wishlist for Skyrim. What would you love to see, what would you hate to see, and what are your opinions on multiplayer?

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  • Decbot

    Please add Co-op!
    That would make me play the game over any other in my game cuboard!

  • Robert Keith7

    How about a separate region for players to log into by choice for multiplayer. Seems reasonable to me. 

  • Redguard

    I also like a dragon. Exectly a dragon quest.
    Like you find a dragon egg in the nest of a dead dragon. Taking the egg trigers a quest, something like corect soul. Taking the dragon egg to the secret dungeon home, give the dragom food, he become biger, stronger. And when you ride him, shouts that you have can use the dragon. 

  • Ikswolro87

    All they have to do for multiplayer is when you find one of the many companions  throughout Skyrim and you tell the person to follow you, the game then allows the ability for a second player to join the game and play as the former NPC.

  • Chris

    Multiplayer ftw

  • Jeffygoesham

    a cool feature to add in a DLC package would be an arena (much similar to oblivion) but rather than being a gladiator type figure, you would be able to challenge your friends to a fight, testing you characters out against each other. Better yet, have a team of your friends characters fight against another random team. Skyrim does not need to have a multiplayer option for the whole game. It’d end up beeing too glitchy and would most likely suck a fat one…. Either way I think the arena wouldnt be too much to ask for, and for the more social skyrim lovers, this feature would improve the game play ten fold.

  • Dragon Rider

    dragon flying is a definite for me. i can just imagine flying around on a huge elder dragon eating random innocent towns folk as i glide past. i like the idea of joining in with my best friend too so we could fly around together =P 

  • Andy

    Well the entire Tamriel landmass has been rendered into the game so there will more than likely be the whole of Tamriel in later expansions as Bethesda have said they plan fewer but bigger expansions (probably like 3 that are huge). So we can go the the Imperial City and stuff. Personally I think that there should be that and more dragon types cause it would be cool to fight of dragons in Cyrodill and things like more creatures, sea monsters or something would be sick.

  • Toj

    I really want to see multiplayer, because sharing such a world like this with friends is what games should be about. Playing alone is good. But I personally want multiplayer for the awesome times i would have with friends.

    • Gushater365

      nooo way lol this game is way to unbalanced to be multiplayer lol

  • CCoker

    I would love to go back to morrowind and cyrodill or one of the deadric relms like the shivering isles but i dont want to see something like horse armor again and another thing i thought would be fun is adding werewolves as an acctual enemy because once you cure it you cant get it back with them as an enemy you could contract the curse  again.

  • Joseph_seed

    Any one who wants multiplayer in skyrim should be taken out back and shot

  • Greyfawkes0

    How about the children stop bickering, perhaps? Everyone has their own opinions, everyone is biased in their own ways. Enough with the “I’m right, you’re wrong” bs. Say what you want to say, and gtfo. There’s a lot of unnecessary dribble from most of you clowns. Great game, has it’s flaws as does any other game, Blah blah blah. There will NEVER be a perfect game for every player. So post your opinions. Stop bickering. Get along. Acceptance plays a huge role with opinions.

    • Callum

      What you have said is EXACTLY what has just happened.

  • Opinionated

    Your obviously an extremely biased child. First of all, the word gamer doesn’t have a true definition, it’s defined by the gamer themselves as to what they like to play and how, so in your “leave the REAL gamers alone..” assuming by that you meant that your one of the “REAL” gamers obviously shows that your not as good of a gamer as you might think saying “Go back to MW3 and BF”, so arrogant lol.

    I for example, call myself a gamer. Why? Because i enjoy gaming. I’ve played everything from N64 Zelda, Super smash Bros, Ratchet & Clanks, Jak & Dexters, all CoD’s, BF, Skyrim, you name it I’ve played it.

    For me, Skyrim was was/is my first of the Bethesda series, now theres no denieing that Skyrim is a fun game, nonetheless, it is extremely repetative and has it’s flaws, as all games do. The world is huge, yet has  an extremely small variety of monsters for it’s size, the monsters have no uniqueness, dragons for example. They all do the same thing, fly around for a bit, blow fire at you and land every now and then, but they all do it in the exact same way, no different attack animations and only differ by colour. Another example, seriously.. make some different armours. F.Y.I. THE BEST armour should never be able to be player made, it then becomes too simple to get and bores the game down, in other words, create some armours that are better AND worse than daedric/dragon, QUEST ONLY, and for christ sake.. make it a big challenge get.

    Do you want to know what people love and thrive on in this world? Option, choice, variety.
    Any game that has these is an automatic success, if you want to hate on multiplayer, it’s real simple, play singleplayer. Multiplayer encourages team work and gives the developers the chance to create bigger, better monsters that can only be taken on in a team and gives players the oppertunity to co-operate with their friends and other players.

    That concludes my rant. Please give us more variety instead of killing the same things 100,000 times 🙂 Multiplayer would be cool but I can wait AND some new armours would be nice.

    P.S. I never understood why there’s light armour in the game? Is the whole point not that it’s lighter than heavy armour? Hence why you should be able to be more agile and run for longer? But there’s a perk for HA anyway that makes it weigh nothing with a full set, rendering LA useless, unless im missing something?

    • Callum

      Whilst I acknowledge your opinion, I only agree with in part. Whilst I might be able to “just play single player”, it does not negate the fact that as more and more resources head towards cloud-based and multiplayer games, less attention is being given to the single player community. I have been gaming for a long time myself and have played many games, and yes, even CoD, I do not presume to hate something I have never played. The reason why I wish multiplayer to be kept out of this game is to defer any of hate-fueled game-players in the world (whom you cannot deny exist in the realm of MW3 and BF) away from a game purely based upon story and role-playing, such is the game’s catagory.

      Your opinion on how multiplayer gameplay however is flawed. Whilst in theory it does “encourages team work and gives the developers the chance to create
      bigger, better monsters that can only be taken on in a team and gives
      players the oppertunity to co-operate with their friends and other
      players.” , in reality all it does it create a mindless template for developers to replicate over and over again to monopolize upon the gaming community. The sheer hatred towards each other upon the online server’s is beyond ridiculous, thus your point about “teamwork” completely void. It’s about milking the gaming system to better your opponents. Needless competition.

      I would like take your point about me being “not as good of a gamer as you might think”, at no point in my post did I state my opinion towards my own gaming skills. Such a thing is pointless given that I am an offline gamer and thus no one to compare to. I play for fun, not to beat others.

      My definition of the word gamer is such a person who enjoys many aspects of gaming not just the games that are deemed the “big releases”. They enjoy independent releases and do not rely on the mindless “thrill” of beating others to enjoy themselves. Thus “gamers” enjoy playing games, not beating others at games. Friendly competition is one thing, but taking what I have said above about the state of cloud-based entertainment, this does not exist in the “tea-bagging” (if you forgive the term) sect of the gaming community.

      As a note, the “REAL” gamers comment was merely my distaste at the excitement towards multiplayer not one against the people themselves, if you were offended, I apologise.

      If you’ve not gotten bored with this LONG reply, then I shall say this, I totally agree with you on the repetition of Skyrim, i was merely stating that it has been a month since it was released, If the game could not stand up for that amount of time without needing a massive expansion, it clearly was not worth releasing in the first place. Finally, as i said, the DLC should be a second priority to fixing the bugs in the vanilla game-state, as building upon flawed foundations will give you a flawed result at the end.

      Thank you for your opinion in this matter.

  • Callum

    Okay, the game is barely out and people are already asking for DLC? The game is huge! Go play the vanilla some more! Hell let them FIX the damn game before adding more problems to it. As for multiplayer, if you would like to RUIN a perfectly good game by appealing to the braindead masses then by all means do so. Multiplayer is a cancer that sucks the life out of the games industry, replacing indepth enjoyable gameplay with monotonous ego-fueled hatred inducing repetition. TES has never required multiplayer before. It does not now. Those who want Multiplayer, go back to MW3 and BF and leave the REAL gamers alone.. 

    • callum u suck


    • Billionthb

      Nobody said to “require” multiplayer in any way. Also, BF and CoD are just as much games as skyrim is (though I admit that they are basically the same game released over and over). If you want to say that anyone is not a “REAL” gamer, then direct your anger at Facebook gamers like everyone else (or at least should).

      • Gushater365

        actually some did require multiplayer… look at Assassins creed. they were forced for multplayer. its cool and all but that feature did take away from the story. I’m like callum when it comes to MultiPlayer. I love the long games with huge immense stories, which is more of a lost art, for the most part, anymore. This game can not have multplayer tho. Stuff is waaayyy tooo OP. everybody will have to be the same class in order to compete right. Just my lowly 2 cents.