MW3 player receives 13 year ban, finally cheaters don’t prosper

By Jamie Pert - Dec 14, 2011

If I had a dollar for every time I have seen someone cheat, hack or boost when playing Call of Duty I would be a very rich man, however when Modern Warfare 3 was released Infinity Ward told us that they would ban people that they found cheating, well today we have seen evidence of a massive MW3 ban.

Soon after the game’s release we heard how the guys at Infinity Ward had the power to ban gamers permanently or temporarily if they found them cheating, well this resulted in 1600+ bans being applied within 11 days of release. Today we have heard that one gamer has received a 5000 day ban from Modern Warfare 3, this equates to roughly 13 years – which means he or she still won’t be able to play MW3 when people are playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 9 on the PS7 / Xbox 1080.

Infinity Ward’s developers have the power to view game footage and stats before applying a ban, therefore we assume that the person banned was found doing something very serious, below you can see the image which seemingly confirms that this ban is genuine.

We love the fact that cheaters are finally getting punished for their actions, millions of multiplayer games have been ruined over the years by hacks, boosters and cheats, by applying a 5000 day ban it sends out a message to anyone thinking of cheating in the future. Some say that banning some for almost 14 years for a service they paid for is unfair, but we think that everyone knows not to cheat, so the gamer got his/her comeuppance.

Hopefully this ban will serve as a warning to potential cheats in the future, we would love to see it trigger a massive butterfly effect and ultimately resulted in less ruined matches, also we would like to see people who receive such bans watched carefully in the future when playing other CoD games.

Do you think a 5000 day ban is unfair?

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  • Petrenk423

    They will just make another account -_____-

  • TIP

    lol haaaaaa 

  • Chrisanntweety1

    i believe anyone cheating on mw3 should be banned for 5000 days and not let in no more people just like to screw around with the screen glitching and other things its not wrong at all to ban them for 5000 days I think its the right thing to do and should be done all the time.

  • fidgetman62

    I agree with the 13 year ban a lot of people have paid alot of money to play this game on line and enjoy playing fair why should we have cheats and hackers ruin it for us , is it because they cant win by playing without cheating

  • fidgetman62

    I agree with the 13 year ban a lot of people have paid alot of money to play this game on line and enjoy playing fair why should we have cheats and hackers ruin it for us , is it because they cant win by playing without cheating

  • Rick Dusterhoft

    a shot gun should not be able to shoot across the map and kill instantly when an assault rifle cant kill someone right in front them.

  • Rick dusterhoft

    with Dillon99 posting ways to prestige quick has he been banned?

  • Stan

    Still plenty of cheaters/boosters/exploiters on XBOX/MW3. It would be nice to know that when a cheater/booster/exploiter is reported that the players that reported them get a response saying thanks, possibly a freebee (some XP or bonus) for us doing IW’s job.  IW should moniter those that have been playing MW3 for a month and have already reached 8th/9th/10 prestige.  It seems like everytime I play someone is boosting/cheating/exploiting the game.  XBOX needs to be more proactive also.  It would sure make it worth my while to know that those that I’ve reported are banned.

    • Casper_357

      Not hard to rank up.  1 prestige token for every COD game you pestiged.  WAW, MW, MW2, BO that is 4 tokens = 8hrs of double xp.  Then mountain dew and doritos points.  Plus a token every prestige. Play S&D and the double xp only counts when you are alive.  Kind of like 4hrs double xp per 2 hr token.  500 per kill, plant bomb or defuse more points plus match bonus.  Then you have the challenges.  Figure all those points on double xp.  Heck 1 gun challenge alone is 10,000 so there is 20,000 if you use double xp.

      The first 20-30 levels come quick save the double xp for the later levels that require more points.

  • those that are saying ban from xbox live but the image is from ps3 look at the continue button its blue x like on ps3 get ur p;atforms right so ban him/her from psn (playstation network) not xbox live

  • ya in mw2 i had all my accomplishments wiped because i got put into a hacked game and left immediatly but it started me back at level 1 i had prestiged 4x by then so as you can imagine i was mad fortunatly it came back something like 3 days later out of nowhere like the effects wore off because i got like 7,000,000xp when i shot a person and was like wtf but it turned out it put me back where i was

  • Josh

    hahahaha!!!!!! that what you get cheater!!!!!! wow!!! 13 yrs banned from cod!!!???? good luck you all cheaters!!!!! We will find you and report u !!!!! nothin u can do suckers!!!

  • Ban cheaters from a game? _uck that. BAN them from Xbox live FOREVER.

  • Jontyp56

    The length of ban seems excessive and also random, why not 10 or 5 years. Even a one year ban would be lengthy.
    My big question is will this user dimly create an alternative profile for playing mw3 and do it again. It sounds daft I know but I have seen people do it in the past.
    I do approve of banning cheaters though. It’s not in the best interest of anyone to do it and I am perplexed why anyone would. All you do is risk a penalty for unlocking perks and weapons quicker than everyone else.
    And if you’re doing it for bragging rights then I’d like to say that no one is impressed apart from maybe your friends who are risking the same ban anyway

    • Thedoc

      Here’s the thing though, to make a new account he’ll have to pay for a new LIVE subscription, and if he cheats again he’ll have to repeat the process. That’s a LOT of money for one game. Good on IW, 2 games late, but glad it’s finally happening.

  • noob

    dam,13 years,who will play this after 13 years?just create a new acc.

    • Meglid

      Its not from a single game, its your account banned from infinity ward servers, so if you plan to play future MW or call of duty games (Maybe) the ban still apply until you get 13 years older or create a new live account.

      Maybe is not a random number, anyone knows since when there been cheaters in call of duty games? Maybe since 13 years to this day.

      And some people may whine with “i paid this game and the right to play however i want”, but for multiplayer everybody is using third party servers, who control the servers make the rules for those who use them

      JUSTICE!!! >BD

  • Devon

    HAHA this sucks ass

    • Aaronmaher47

      I think its great!! So what if he / she paid for the game. What about all the genuine players who paid too but have their games ruined by cheaters and hackers. I switched to bf3 because of this. It’s good to know things are being done about it. I may start playing it again. But I must admit bf3 is amazing lol

      • Jontyp56

        Yes indeed bf3 is far better experience online