Galaxy Nexus: Costco US release date clarifies imminent launch

By Alan Ng - Dec 14, 2011

A few days ago we informed you that a possible new release for the long-awaited 4G LTE version of the Galaxy Nexus, and now we have some fresh information which supports this new date. Again though, it’s no official news from Verizon so approach with a element of caution.

If you missed the new ‘alleged’ date for the Galaxy Nexus US launch, we can remind you again that it is thought to be Thursday December 15, i.e tomorrow if this turns out to be true. The source of the date apparently originated from a Verizon reseller who was familiar with the date, but now fresh reports this week have revealed that retailers Costco have also slapped a December 15 release date for the device.

One important aspect to be aware of is that Costco are an official Verizon reseller, and a screenshot obtained by Engadget here does appear to suggest that December 15 is the official launch date. An additional image obtained by the site again clarifies this date via a new Verizon inventory listing, so let us hope that this week will finally see the end of one of the most ongoing smartphone launch dramas in Android history.

Are these two new pieces of information enough evidence for frustrated Android owners to give this a second glance though, given what has happened so far? The Galaxy Nexus may be the first smartphone in the world to ship with Ice Cream Sandwich officially, but as we informed you yesterday, developers are already working hard on getting ICS running on other handsets such as the Droid RAZR.

The good news is that we only have a mere 24 hours to wait to find out whether these latest release rumors are true or not. If you have been holding on for a US Galaxy Nexus for the last few months, let us know your thoughts on this new potential date. Will you still give Verizon $299 to take one home this week, or have you decided that enough is enough?

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  • Anonymous

    I also did a lot of checking today in Northeast Ohio. Of 3 Radio shacks in the area, 1 said they had the phone at the store but cannot sell until next week. 2 others know a little about the phone but said the Manager always lets them know 2 days before a release and they have none in inventory.  The Local Best Buy said they have the phones but do not expect to launch anytime this week. The manager of Best Buy mobile in our local mall, said something is very different with this so called launch. His gut feeling is there are some big time problems between Google and Verizon with this phone. He always knows the launch’s by wed. for a weekend launch and by Friday for a early week launch. He still thinks it will get worked out before Christmas. I blame both Verizon and Google for this gaggle. With so many new phones and tablets released  this half of the year, they dropped the ball and didn’t work out the details for this phone. This is much bigger than dissing there customers, they are posturing for postion with Google wallet and Verizon just released there all mighty Razr Droid a month ago and doesn’t need this new phone YET! 


    Bye bye Verizon ……. Lick my balls

  • Anonymous

    Verizon still hasn’t ever announced it…you aren’t being jerked around or lied to – if Verizon announced it and then let the release date pass without saying anything or releasing for several weeks, that would be jerked around.  Or if they lied about the release date over and over…that would be getting jerked around.  But Verizon has never said the phone would be available on any certain date – it is all bloggers spreading rumors…period!  Don’t get me wrong – I am just as frustrated as you all – I was up for a new phone in November and have been holding out for the Nexus and I am really tired of waiting for it…and I don’t think Verizon has handled it well by not announcing ANYTHING…but that is the simple fact – nothing announced, no lies.

    • PickleSlapper

      I agree.  I’m frustrated too because I want the phone 🙂  But these people acting like children, threatening to leave VZW and crying as if their life is over, grow up lol.  I’m kinda enjoying these delays simply to see these people squirm and get even more bothered.  Yes VZW you’re annoying as well for knowing all these people are drooling all over blogs for a mere speck of a rumor and you don’t say anything to clarify anything.  BUT like you said they never announced any release.  All they said was coming soon.  So chill the f out, drink some warm milk, relax, and go play some sports.  Much healthier than sitting on the computer all day hoping the phone will come out.

    • Anonymous

      Although i agree verizon never announced a launch date it’s not a secret that the phone is delayed…The phone should have been released over a month ago. Many stores have the phone sitting in their storage room for over a week now but they cant sell it because verizon told them not to so in a way i somewhat understand all the frustrations. i will be upgrading to this phone but i wont get it on the launch day. i will wait at least a week to read all the reviews before i buy.


    I just called local Costco in Ohio . Spoke with manager asked if the nexus will be available on the 15 th ? He looked it up on pc and said its in the system but none are ordered or on order or will be here tommorow . Ok all these bs reports are stupid. I’m leaving Verizon and gettjg a iPhone tommorow. Liars

  • Eagle

    I am just about tired of being jerked around and will be looking at other options, carriers included.