Battlefield 3: Consoles Vs PC – Satisfied with overall console quality?

By Alan Ng - Dec 14, 2011

Most Battlefield 3 owners are probably tucking in to the excellent Back to Karkand DLC expansion pack that has just gone live on Xbox 360 and PC, but if you own the console version of the game, are you satisfied with the overall quality of the game, with the known fact that the PC version is DICE’s preferred platform?

Yes, if you are not aware, the console versions of Battlefield 3 are essentially a port of the PC version although this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The console versions still play great and although they may be stripped of some features only found in the PC version like Commo Rose and 64 player support, they definitely offer the same core gameplay as featured in their PC counterpart.

DICE has recently come out and stated that porting the game, which utilizes their brand new Frostbite 2 engine, was a big challenge for them as they had to work with limited memory on console. Here is a recent quote from DICE Rendering Architect Johan Anderson in a recent interview with AMD:

“It was a big challenge to bring up the game and engine on the consoles after that [building the game on PC]. A lot of low-level optimization and adapting systems to the specific strengths of the platforms to try and keep as much as possible of the gameplay and visuals while both fitting into 30 fps as well as a fixed low memory budget.”

While it is plain to see to clear differences in visuals between the PC version and the console versions of Battlefield 3, DICE came up a solution which surely saved the company from a backlash of criticism from users, and a solution which ultimately proved crucial in terms of graphics quality on console. This solution came in the form of a separate HD texture pack, which was an optional install for the Xbox 360 version of the game, but already came included with the PS3 version. The result improved graphics drastically on console, although obviously it was still no match for the lead PC platform.

If you have the console version of Battlefield 3, are you pretty happy with the final result, are you unhappy that features such as Commo Rose have been left out for console?

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  • Dynasty2021

    As much as I hate those door-stops known as consoles, I cant wait for the new ones to come out, so PC games can stop being such ***t console ports, limited by the console’s rubbish hardware.

    I dont care what anyone says, consoles are ruining games these days due to their limitations.  And they are destroying the PC industry.  Alot of console owners laugh at the PCs and dont care.
    Well, your little console games are made ON PCs.  The engines are made on PCs.  They have to then be tailored to your aging hardware.  As a result, the engine used has to run on all 3 formats, dicking over the PCs which are capable of immesurably more.

    So actually, shove off console owners, all of you deserve these poorly performing games, and it’s sweet justice for PC users finally for the years of crap game ports we have had to put up with.

    • Wow…you are very angry…were you the victim of an unprovoked attack from an Xbox at some point in your life or something?

    • Baltimora

      I agree with Dynasty (though I might not use such strong language). Lots of developers have ignored the PC platform and always give the excuse of excess piracy for PC games. As a result we are seeing less PC specific games. No one is going to argue that an Xbox360 or PS3 comes even close to a modern PC rig in terms of raw processing power, seeing as they are years old now. The end result is lots of console ports. Some are done well but most can’t even be bothered to tailor their games to a mouse/keyboard format – Mass Effect, I’m looking at you!!!
      So I too can not wait for the next gen consoles to come out. At least then we can have ports of games that might actually slow my rig down 🙂

  • Subfusion

    I can’t even believe this is a topic. For starters to many games these days are ported from console to pc. second how old are these consoles we talk of. it is a joke to think consoles even matter after 3 years and no upgrades. lets all complain the bf3 wasn’t released on 486 or ps2. how could they.


    Not happy with the ps3 version the the voip issues and the horrible input lag trying to make small aiming adjustments is very difficult.

    • Mangaman6

      please consider the PS3 network is free. What would you expect?

  • Brendan

    what is comma rose ???

    • Mangaman6

      its the pc only command/in-game voice menu which is used to highlight an action. i.e “Attack here/ there” whereas consoles just look at the target using the curse and press “A”…

      • Andrew

        No PC player really cares about Commo Rose. It’s just additional crap that no-one uses.

        • Gazzy

          Wow, i’m taking a shot in the dark and guessing you’ve never played BF2 /2142 /1942 because peopl use the comm rose quite a bit.

        • Guest

          yeah, plz if you cant or dont use your commo rose, stay outtta my squad/server