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Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Console release date update for PS3, Xbox 360

There has been minimum details regarding a Western release for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 since the game is only out on Japanese arcade systems at the moment, but we’re pleased to say that we have a much needed release date update for when you can expect the game to drop on console.

Previously, it was initially thought that the game would only be coming to the PlayStation 3, but a recent trailer released at the Video Game Awards over the weekend confirms that Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will also release on Xbox 360 as well.

At the end of the new cinematic trailer which we have for you below, Namco Bandai reveals that the game will be available sometime during the Holiday 2012 period next year. Some additional information provided over at Eurogamer also hints that the game may be coming to the upcoming Nintendo Wii U system as well, which is great news if true.

As mentioned above, the game is already out now in Japan for arcade only and features 45 playable characters. The console version of the game however will include some console-exclusive characters and features, one of whom has already been confirmed to be Kunimitsu, a female character with a similar fighting style to Yoshimitsu who featured in the original Tekken Tag game.

For those of you who are lucky enough to own the Tekken Hybrid blu-ray on PS3, you will have a private taste of the upcoming game, since the blu-ray contains a playable demo for Tekken Tag 2, as well as a copy of the original game in HD and the Tekken: Blood Vengeance CGI movie.

How many of you are looking forward to this game coming out? I had a chance to play it in September at the Eurogamer Expo and I have to say it looks very solid indeed. Don’t ask me for a hardcore insight though since I continuously had by backside kicked by some Tekken veterans who also decided to turn up at the event. If you played the original though, this is definitely a must buy.



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