The Last of Us: PS3 trailer highlights best in-game graphics ever?

By Alan Ng - Dec 12, 2011

If you missed the 2011 Video Game Awards over the weekend, you definitely missed something special, as Sony finally unveiled their new PS3 exclusive The Last of Us to the world, and boy was it worth waiting for. Much to everyone’s surprise, it has been confirmed that Naughty Dog will be developing the title and a teaser trailer released has shown off the jaw-dropping graphics for the very first time.

The game appears to be a mix of horror survival and Uncharted-esque action adventure and for those of you thinking Naughty Dog wouldn’t be able to top the graphics shown in the recent Uncharted 3, consider that a non-issue as The Last of Us is arguably the best looking game on the PlayStation 3 to date.

Even more impressive and mouth-watering for fans is that the whole of the teaser trailer that Naughty Dog and Sony unleashed at the VGAs was apparently based completely on in-game PlayStation 3 visuals, with no use of pre-rendering on PC whatsoever. Heavy Rain featured some pretty stunning graphics on the PlayStation 3, but The Last of Us shows what still can be done on the current generation of home consoles.

Don’t forget that Naughty Dog has just taken home a ‘Best Graphics’VGA award for Uncharted 3, so does this mean that a 2012 VGA for The Last of Us is already in the bag? We would like to see a title that competes with what we have just seen on a graphics point of view anyway.

Unfortunately, there is no indication of when the game will be coming out. Let’s hope that it is a Q4 2012 release, but we wouldn’t mind if Naughty Dog announce this as a 2013 release. Check out the teaser trailer below for yourself and let us know what you think of it.

Have you seen better graphics than this before? We can’t wait to see more footage, consider us pumped for this one.

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  • Daniel_giambrone

    “Captured” from a PS3?! So if a PS3 was playing a Blu-Ray film, would most people assume that the PS3 was producing those visuals? Uncharted 3 visuals are amazing, but this footage is on another level-the faces and hands, in particular. But if anyone can get this kind of performance from a PS3, it is Naughty Dog. We shall see.

  • lol…..the in game trailer is fake, every console game is sub-hd 720p or less and covered in jaggies, just like uncharted 3 was, this game will be the same, don’t buy the fake in game trailer, its running with 8x anti aliasing and in ultra high res, it will never look like that on your 6 year old console!

    uncharted 3 looked way worse than uncharted 2 because of thhe inclusion of 3d.

    any pc AAA game from the last 4 years makes uncharted 3 look like crap!

    • T2k123

      Lol stop using anti aliasing as a bull excuse, first off.. did you make the game….NO, do you know anything about this game…NO and for your information Mr ‘ I hate uncharted and know nothing’ Naughty dog and sony confirmed that they were in game graphics so before you go ‘well actually’ they made the game I think they know a little bit more than….you lol

  • Anonymous

    It looks great and I can’t wait for it, but they can make the graphics as lovely as they like, if they’re gonna use crappy MLAA like UC3, the overall effect is greatly diminished.

    MLAA is extremely inconsistent, KZ2 and UC2 looked better than KZ3 and UC3 imo because of their use of proper AA. Even the PS3 exclusive that kicked it off, God Of War III was full of jaggies.

    I’d rather have a lesser amount of detail with a clean image (and good performance).

  • your mom

    If you think this is realtime running on a ps3, you’re retarded.  This is most likely in-engine using game assets.  It will be converted to a video file from the dev kits and used in the game to cover up load times. People should know what these consoles are capable of now.  U should know better.

    • Anonymous

      It’s running from the cut-scene engine which is the same engine with minor tweaks, in UC this is usually more polygons and a hint more detail. 

      However, the downgrade when you’re back in the game is not usually noticeable because of the distance of the camera as well as our perception of more detail with a greater field of view (in third-person games).

      And knowing Naughty Dog there’ll be some upgrades before release (though knowing this MLAA which is spreading like wildfire at Sony, I’m sure the jaggies ‘ll ruin it all).

  • Travis Meyer

    It’s nice to see some actual Next-Gen games. I’ve been a PC gamer for years and have seen some the quality of games come to a standstill since the consoles.
    Here’s how it works; since the Xbox 360 is the most prevalent system out there, game companies build their games to the Xbox’s specs; so all the new games that come out are being built to conform to the power of the old ATI Xenos graphics chip of the Xbox 360. Games like Skyrim and Modern Warfare look good, but are still not realising the potential of modern graphic capabilities; they’re basically just xbox ports playing on your PC and PS3 (which is why those systems have such problems playing them sometimes).
    However, now that the PS3 is becoming dominant, we are going to start seeing more PS3 exclusives, which means they are built on PS3 specs; which are much more powerful (even though the PS3’s graphic processor is pretty old compared to what PCs are packing now). These PS3 exclusive games look fantastic and show us what we’ve been missing.
    Of course once the new Xbox comes out, all the games are going to be built to PS3 specs since it will be the dominant system, and the cycle will start over again. Either way, it’s pretty awesome what is on the horizon.