Skyrim DLC to improve game not just make it bigger

By Gary Johnson - Dec 12, 2011

One of the biggest game launches this year was Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which has seen some impressive sales considering the competition and won awards. There have been some problems though that is mainly felt by owners of the game on the PlayStation 3. They have been met with some serious lag issues that have left users finding their own solutions. Today we can tell you that Skyrim DLC content will improve the game and not just make it bigger.

The games director was recently talking about the game to the guys over at Joystiq during the Spike Video Game Awards, and said the titles popularity has come to a surprise to the development team. They expected Skyrim to sell well, and Howard added “but it has gone above and beyond”.

With regards to future DLC releases for the game Howard wouldn’t go into specifics about what the developer is planning. He did however reveal that DLC content will be concentrating on “ways to make the game better, not just have more, because the game is so big”.

Howard added that they are discussing ideas now and looking at what people are doing in the game, which will provide ideas so they can improve it as time goes on. He also promised there will be multiple DLC releases, and will “have a lot of meat on them”. Unfortunately there was no timescale given for when we can expect to see the first DLC content arriving though.

There will be many owners of Skyrim looking forward to future DLC releases but would prefer all the games niggles ironed out before more content is offered. What would you like to see in any Skyrim DLC?

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  • Brglock

    I would like to see some changes to how food and sleeping work, as these are my two big issues with the role playing aspect of the game. If you think about it, you can play through the whole game and never have to use a bed once. So for starters it would be cool if after being awake 20 or so hours your max stamina would temporarily drop, and the longer you stay up the more it drops. Also, regarding the food I like that they added this, but I think they did it wrong, with the abdundance of healing potions in dungeons and such, eating food is a substandard way to regenerate health and stamina, so I think that instead they should make it so that if you go without eating for a day then it should lower your max health, and again the longer you go without eating the more it will reduce over time. Then they can use the different recipies to offer different buffs, like say eating an unprepared food, like an apple or carrot just takes away the you did not eat buff, but eating a prepared meal like a salmon steak or venison stew would improve one handed or destruction magic by 5 or 10 percent for the day. So by adding this it adds another aspect to preparing for that long dungeon crawl. They can even add a bed roll and a tent you can carry so you can setup your own camp if needed. maybe even carry some cooking pots to cook on the road.

  • lanky danky

    to be the high king of skyrim, i feel like we all deserve that reward after saving the world

  • Averagedork

    or horse armor. whatever works.

  • Averagedork

    i want a huge dungeon. like gigantic. not a dwarven ruin, but a magnificent, mysterious, dark, dank, creature filled castle. like worth 10+ hours of gameplay. Along with included merchants and interactive quests that, for example a draugr filled catacomb that once you clear out the scourge it is populated by priests and such to clear up the wreckage. maybe like the vigilants of stendarr have been given word that a large castle has been taken over by a bunch of necromancers who killed all the inhabitants and reanimated them, using their souls to awaken their mysterious would have to go through like the castle courtyard, dungeons, barracks, kitchens, keep, rooftops, throne room, etc. as you go through you would eliminate bosses that hold special artifacts needed to revive their master, which you collect and bring back to the vigilants who try to destroy them but ultimately fail, causing the master to inhabit all of them. after dispatching the possesed vigilants, you fight the dremora master and repopulate the castle.

  • Curseed

    Ivive been playing skyrim on ps3 since day one and it did have lag issues after 100+ hours but after doing a few things I have literally fixed it and load times have literally been cut down more than half its insane. Can’t wait for DOC

  • Sam

    lol coop, as if there isn’t enough bugs yet. Mods are already making the game better and look better. Screw DLC, just patch it and I’ll be happy 😛

  • Hunter_l

    war between the nords and the altmer empire  

  • Bjorn4574

    & add in Co op… it will be cool… 

  • Rpsscenic

    Multiplayer content