Galaxy Nexus possible US release date, not long now

By Gary Johnson - Dec 10, 2011

A couple of days ago we reported that the Galaxy Nexus had been reportedly delayed due to some issues to the handsets LTE compatibility. Now we have a new report of a possible Samsung Galaxy Nexus US release date.

The handset was thought to have been launching just yesterday but was apparently canceled by Verizon. Now according to the Android Community who have been doing some digging, and have been told by a Verizon reseller that the handset could finally launch in the country next Thursday, December 15th.

Another anonymous source has also stated the Galaxy Nexus could be launched on the same date. Verizon customer support was also contacted and they confirmed the device was set to release on the 9th before being changed at the last minute. The customer support representative would not reveal or didn’t have a new date for the handset though.

After contacting another second-party retailer who has a chain of stores, it was discovered that there was units of the LTE Galaxy Nexus in stock but none could be sold due to restrictions from Verizon. The manager of the store was asked about the release date so contacted Verizon. They then said the store will get authorization to sell the device at the start of business on December 15th.

Obviously this is not a confirmed official date from Verizon but it is certainly looking a good bet for next week. So far there has never been an official date from Verizon except that it would be available before the end the year, after UK residents have had access to their version of the device for a few weeks now.

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  • Verizonisevil

    everyone should boycott verizon. phone companies will see their phones are not selling through verizon and they’ll switch to a more compentant and cheaper carrier. all future launches will be on time and with it’s intended apps preloaded and bootloader unlocked. internet/tv/phone customers should also boycott and choose another provider that doesn’t want to destroy net neutrality. then verizon goes out of business and is bought out by some other carrier and we have world peace, second coming of christ and avoid armageddon in 2012 and global warming will fix itself. LOL

  • Jayson M Wright

    I just left a Verizon store in Milwaukee…..I was told to be at the store at 9:00 SHARP, if I wanted the Nexus……

  • Anonymous

    got same answer today. I was at Verizon store and said I was pissed and was going to buy Razr. I was told to give it a week. It needs to be out at least one week prior to Christmas.

  • Anonymous

    Prediction: Verizon will never release the phone.