Awesome Skyrim Kinect video demo – Best PC mod ever?

By Alan Ng - Dec 9, 2011

We have just given you some details on the next patch update to be released for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, but now we move away from that to bring you a pretty amazing video of the game, showing how one clever modder has managed to add Kinect support to the PC version of the game.

As most of you know, the Xbox 360 version of Skyrim does not come packaged with support for Microsoft’s motion camera, but that hasn’t stopped one person from hacking the device to make it run with the PC version of the game.

The results are surprisingly good as well, as a video we have to show you gives you an example of how multiple hand and voice gestures work very well within Skyrim, with the user even able to bring up magic spells instantly with a single voice command. The most impressive aspect of this video and easily the most enjoyable though, is the fact that you and even participate in accurate sword and spell battles just by using body movement and a variety of gestures.

Considering that this has all been achieved by one person is even more impressive, and does make you wonder why a whole development team at Bethesda didn’t put the effort in to include a little Kinect suport with the Xbox 360 version – it is the ‘lead platform’ after all isn’t it since Microsoft’s console will be getting two pieces of DLC exclusively before PS3 and PC get it.

The PC program behind the magic is called FAAST, which utilizes the OpenNI framework. You can read a lot more about this if you click the link to YouTube on the video below and read the full description from the uploader. We’re loving what we see here, and who knows this may see some kind of public release in the future for PC Skyrim owners who also happen to have a Kinect camera lying around.

If this released, you would prefer these motion controls over a standard controller? Check out the great clip below and give us your thoughts on it.

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  • Sam

    Developers need to start creating games individually for each system if they had done this for the xbox they wouldn’t of been able to port it to ps3 and pc basically, just to save time and money, not really thinking about the consumer. Would create more jobs also, 3 dev teams. .

  • bacon

    dude thats frickin amazing u did that all by yourself, you put the kinect development team to shame. your voice commands where so bang on, you said something it would do it. the bing app on the new dashboard doesnt pick up voice commands like that it stuggles with the simplest of words. props to u 🙂