Android will dominate iOS in 2012 according to Google

We have some interesting news to bring you now, as Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt has gone on record to say that he believes Android will have a change in fortunes next year and go on to dominate their rivals such as Apple’s iOS mobile operating system.

When speaking at a recent event in Paris, Schmidt made a reference to a previous user comment which asked why Android were always last to the party when it came to apps being developed first for iOS and then releasing on Android afterwards.

Schmidt believes that next year things will change, and within six months it will be Android that becomes the dominant mobile OS over iOS, with Android being the preferred choice of platform when developers first build their apps. It’s no secret that the Apple’s iOS remains the key player in the App world, but it is also no secret that Android is slowly catching up and have become a major force in the industry as well. Whether or not Android actually surpass iOS as the consumer number one choice for apps remain to be seen though.

Schmidt has been quoted by CNET as saying at the Paris event that ‘Android is now ahead of the iPhone’, a comment that will no doubt turn a few heads from iOS users and indeed Apple themselves. It will be interesting if new Apple CEO Tim Cook decides to come out and say anything in defense but it does make for a fascinating battle next year.

Whether you are pro Android or pro iOS, what do you make of Eric Schmidt’s latest comments? Do you agree with him that Android will begin to dominate iOS next year, or do you believe iOS is still the mobile platform to beat?



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