Xbox Live update problems after download, error codes reported

By Gary Johnson - Dec 7, 2011

We told you recently that the update to the Xbox Live was going to be slightly delayed. The update began rolling out to users later yesterday and last night. We now have news of Xbox Live update problems after download with error codes reported.

You could be in one of two camps with the download working fine with the new features that you may like, or you can be on the other side of the fence with no access to the service at all. According to Venture Beat a growing number of users are getting an error message with an error code of 3524 0000 0080 0200 8015 1909.

Don’t try and reset your internet connection though as the issue is not your side, and appears when trying to connect to the premium Xbox Live service. Larry Hyrb who is Xbox Lives’ Director of Programming took to Twitter and said “Some Xbox Live members are getting a connection error when signing in to Live. We are aware of the issue and the team is working it

There have been some possible solutions to the problem offered though, which include trying to start a multiplayer game via titles such as BF3. This will prompt you to sign into the service unlike some other titles. Other users are saying that repeatedly trying to find a low point in the high volume of traffic can eventually work, but not guaranteed to work though.

Another solution is to download the update to a USB drive and install it locally, but this also won’t always work either. The problems could have been caused by the amount of users trying to download the update has led to the servers struggling with the traffic.

How have you found the update? Has it been working fine for you or were you met with problems?

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  • maximos

    well in games who ever i play with i get diss connected real fast i dont like  it is not cool

  • maximos

    in games who ever i play with i get connected real fast

  • The new dashboard & Netflix app are horrible. They are hard to navigate, difficult to see, they took a bunch of features out of netflix. (only to hear we will not get them back from netflix). The Old netflix app was far better than this new one. As the dashboard goes, it should had been an optional update. Xboxs forums have alot of upset and angry customers over the dash and netflix change.

  • snowman2020

    netflix is not using all my bandwidth its always buffering. pissed off i had to download a netflix app and zune app jsut to watch my movies ive purchased havent checked purchased games yet but i have a feeling problems are gonna arrise there. microsoft needs to quite changing it and leave wut works alone instead of breaking it.