Verizon Galaxy Nexus release date delayed, LTE issues?

By Gary Johnson - Dec 7, 2011

Despite being the new flagship Android smartphone running the latest version of the operating system, the Galaxy Nexus has had a troubled start to its shelf life. Now it seems the Verizon Galaxy Nexus release date may have been delayed, with possible LTE issues.

Although Verizon had never given an actual date for the Galaxy Nexus release it was expected to be available by now. Ok it is a slightly different handset to that which was launched to the UK market, but recent tips and speculation have been hinting at a launch this coming Friday, December 9th.

The guys over at Droid Life have been told by sources that the handset may have been delayed again, and the news has come from a variety of different sources. First up an Equipment Guide for the new handset was yesterday showing the device to be available on the 9th, but has now changed with “launch date is coming soon”.

Then other sources have suggested that Verizon were delaying the handset because of some 4G LTE issues emerging only yesterday. Since then more sources from a variety of regions told the site the handset was set to be delayed.

Verizon Wireless could just being holding fire with regards to the launch of the Galaxy Nexus to make sure there are no problems with it. Earlier today we told you about another possible bug that may be affecting the handset. This followed the much publicized volume bug that affected versions of the device over in the UK.

As we said before there has never been any official date given for the Verizon version of the Galaxy Nexus. Are you waiting for the Galaxy Nexus from Verizon?

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  • Fasteddie87

    Lets get this out Verizon we have waited long enough

  • Anonymous

    “Although Verizon had never given an actual date for the Galaxy Nexus release”
    Yes it did. Its official statement was a release before 2012.

    All other dates are baseless congectures from bloggers like you talking out of their asses, writing sensational headlines to get good search placement without regard for integrity, accuracy, or respect for your readers. VZW’s self-imposed disclosed deadline is before 2012. It’s maddening to see out-of-the-loop clowns like Richi Jennings and his dumb f hipster conformist smile announcing dates with no knowledge, no concern for his audience’s trust, merely unknowns citing unnamed made-up “sources,” then getting rewarded with good search-results placement. The tech blogosphere is an echo chamber wasteland and complete waste of time thanks to false statements like this that anchor your entire worthless post.

    • ghinson

      While I’m not as cynical as regbs, I share in the frustration with this launch delay of the Nexus phone. In addition to the larger screen, I was really looking forward to the ICS release of the operating system, so I could compare it with the 2.x and 3.x flavors I already have running on an older Android Phone and tablet. 4.0 brings a lot of things to the table like built-in API’s for the Anyconnect VPN client which is still not available for current Motorola devices unless you void the warranty and root your phone. This is really bad news and yeah, the quad cores are just 3 or 4 months away? Good luck selling this phone against the comparitively featured quad-cores due out next year. Nexus is really losing its window of exclusivity with this move.

    • Dogejim

      Actually at first both verizon and samsung placed a release date of november on the lte version of the phone. So in reality you have no basis. So stop “talking out of your ass”

  • Hwddemj

    I’m really getting sick of waiting for this phone and with the HTC Rezond out now, I think I’m done waiting.

  • Kawach

    Last week I saw a news on MBC Korean TV about 4G LTE phones works in Korea.
    While using a landphone if someone call to a LTE phones, the landphone speakers makes really big buzz sound and never stop until stop using a LTE phone.

  • Craig

    Will this be the 1st Verizon Global 4?

  • Joe

    wasted too much of my time waiting for this phone.  i’m going with the galaxy noted.

  • Tyson Enzweiler

    I also heard from my local Verizon store that the Nexus is being delayed AGAIN…forget it, within a month of this phone being released, quad cores will be available…Verizon you blew it big.

  • Onerioi

    ” Are you waiting for the Galaxy Nexus from Verizon?” => No.  I purchased a Bionic for $178 from Amazon.  Great phone, great price, in my pocket as I write.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, yes I am.