PS3 Skyrim Lag: Possible user solution offered

By Gary Johnson - Dec 7, 2011

Since Bethesda released Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim many unfortunate PlayStation 3 users have been met with an annoying lag problem with the game. Earlier today we told you about an upcoming patch for the game that still won’t address the issue. Now the PS3 Skyrim lag may have a work around following a user solution that has been offered.

The game has been pretty much unplayable for many users, and we are already seeing the title receiving big discounts at some retailers. Gamersmint are reporting a user over at Redit has found a possible solution to the problem. He said that disabling the auto-save options in the game and deleting all corrupt saved data had allowed him to play the game again after it was previously unplayable.

He said that is file size had reached 13 MB after playing for 140 hours, and the game would just freeze when attempting a variety of actions in the game. The solution that is being offered is that you first to remove all corrupted files and go to the game menu via the XMB. Scroll to the saved data option and you will see files that are labeled “Corrupted File”, this is what needs to be deleted.

After this load the game and go to system options then onto settings before disabling all five auto-save options. The user says after doing all this he could finally play Skyrim again. Users have wondered if you disable the auto-save option where would the game load from. But it would simply load up from the last manual save point.

If you try this option make sure you have a healthy manual save point along with a regularly updated one. You can use the back up if things don’t work with the regular one and use this normally unless you save at a very inappropriate time.

Let us know if this work around makes things better for you?

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  • Kevinhousman

    deleteing corrupted data worked for me ……

  • TheTruth

    LOL… yes that might help, but:
                           What happens when it corrupts the OS files ?

        Because it allows the game to load corrupt files as wells the system.

    SONY’s “new” 4.0 firmware update included a scan tool to “help” with this issue, but alas, IT DOES NOT work when the System Files are already compromised. 

  • Samregan83

    Corrupted game saves are not good, I’m pretty sure this caused my first ps3s yellow light of death