Nintendo 3DS update now ready for download, earlier than expected

By Gary Johnson - Dec 7, 2011

There have been many criticisms aimed at the Nintendo 3DS since it was first released earlier this year. The device is now seeing a change in fortunes as big titles are released for it, which has seen the demand for the console rise dramatically. Today we can tell you that the Nintendo 3DS update is now ready for download, which is earlier than expected.

Just over a week ago we first had details about the update but were led to believe it would be made available on December 8th. But now after some initial delays Nintendo has released the update to users according to TechRadar.

One of the new features the handheld console has is 3D video recording along with some new game content in StreetPass Mii Plaza, and includes Find Mii II. Users can also now transfer downloaded software data between other 3DS consoles.

Users won’t be able to shoot the next big movie in 3D on the console as there is a ten minute recording limit. These new features are just another string to the Nintendo 3DS bow as it grows in popularity. Once you have downloaded the update the 3D recording option can be found in the existing camera app.

There are four different modes available to use that include standard, Interval, Montage, and Stop Motion. The standard mode is the only option that provides you to capture audio as well as 3D images though. If you have not received the update yet you can use the Nintendo instructions on how to perform it here.

Have you received the update yet?

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  • will check tonight as to whether or not I have received the download. Either way no drama,must learn Japanese art of patience in these issues after the terrible events that have occurred in Japan this year. I hope somehow many Japanese manage to have a decent Xmas. I will have Mario Kart which is enough.