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New 2012 Macbook Pro, Macbook Air expected to release in May

If you are looking to pick up a new Macbook Pro or Macbook Air computer from Apple next year, you’ll be interested to know that we now have an update on when the new upgraded models are scheduled to arrive.

Previous reports highlighted a release for both devices sometime during March 2012, but a fresh article published by Apple Insider cites leaked information from Intel that the new models could be arriving during May of next year instead.

The leaked information from Intel comes in the form of a 2012 roadmap obtained by VR-Zone, which claims that the new Macbook Pro and Macbook Air models will both be upgraded with new Intel Ivy Bridge processors, which will replace the Sandy Bridge chips which feature in current models.

One potential configuration option for the new Macbook Pro could see the device fitted with a 2.9GHz quad-core Core i7-3920XM processor, which would come equipped with Intel’s new HD Graphics 4000 architecture. For the Macbook Air models, consumers could be given processor options which include Intel’s new i7-3820QM and i7-3720QM chips.

Additional information over at Apple Insider reports that Apple may decide to return to NVIDIA graphics for their next Macbook Pro and Macbook Air models. If true, this will allow the new models to run high-end PC games with a decent level of performance, so it will be a welcome move if Apple decides to press forward.

One thing that isn’t likely to change with the new models is price though, as you can expect to see Apple’s new models some in at the same price as current models – a good thing obviously, since prices on Apple’s store now are not exactly cheap.

How interested are you in picking up a new Macbook Pro or Macbook Air next year? Does the thought of an upgrade to brand new Intel Ivy Bridge processors excite you?



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