BF3 IRNV Scope after new PC patch – Should DICE change it back?

By Alan Ng - Dec 7, 2011

Earlier on this week we informed you that EA DICE had sent out another whopping patch update for the PC version of Battlefield 3. The developer had previously said it was around 2GB in size, but in actual fact it turned out to be a staggering 3.9GB update.

In the last update to the game, DICE made some significant changes to the IRNV scope in light of recent ‘criticism’ that the scope was overpowered. A lot of you were not happy with the changes since it basically rendered the accessory ‘useless’ and now after installing the new patch update, we can confirm that the IRNV has once again been tweaked even further.

While we have to praise DICE on their obvious effort to make changes in order to please everyone, it is their changes to the IRNV scope that is perhaps the most controversial. A lot of BF3 gamers believe that DICE should have left the scope as it was since it wasn’t game breaking by any means, but on the other hand there’s a fair few of you who are happy with the changes as you feel that using the IRNV takes away the skill element of the game and ruins the overall experience.

So the big question you want to know now, is how does the IRNV handle in game after this latest patch update. According to DICE’s official patch notes, the IRNV has been altered further so that it can only be effective at close range, or as DICE put it ”tweaked the IRNV scope so it is limited to usage only at close range.”

To give you an idea of what the IRNV now does in game after the update, we have a very useful video that we’ve found which tells you all you need to know. As you can see, the foggy visibility remains when using the IRNV scope and you’ll find that players no longer show up on the scope unless they are really close to the user. In a situation with multiple enemies, you’ll see that the scope looks pretty useless as some will appear as targets, and others will not – essentially making you a sitting target for the enemy.

Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts on the new tweaks to the IRNV scope. Should DICE restore the IRNV to its original state or not?

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  • Dougschombert

    I think that they should make it so you can still see people somewhat because now using it is a complete waste of time. Restore it just don’t make it as clear as it was the first time. Now e damn thing just doesn’t work.

  • Yeah the scope is useless the only people that didn’t like it before were campers and snipers. Looks like they changed nothing to the flashlight also the ump still overpowered and why is the usas and saiga so weak takes about 7 shots to kill somebody.

  • Mikey B

    They should definitely turn it back to how it was, It was thinking outside of the box and a strategy in-of-itself to use it, now it’s a piece of useless sh*t. It really annoyed me how they “fixed” something that wasn’t broken. DICE is starting to let me down ;( That was my best kit for Teheran Highway… now it’s just pointless and a blurry waste of an unlock.

    Now I have to revert to using the generic red dot sight… I thought this was BF3? not MW3…  

  • Humbledragon77

    YES!!! I do believe that Dice should restore the original IRNV scope. It was fine, so why change it for the worse? You can’t see through the scope half the time anyway, so it’s  basically useless. I used to strive to unlock the IRNV for my weapons, but now it’s practically useless…

    • Humbledragon77

      Ok, I realize I used some reduntand statements in my original post. I’m just a bit frustrated!!! Dice, if it isn’t broken………..DON’T “FIX” IT!!!!! Please change it back!

    • Dougschombert

      I completely agree, your striving for that 100th kill to get the infrared scope and you get all those kills just to find out that it’s the worst weapon attachment in the game now. They really should fix it though, idk why they changed it anyways. Very frustrated with DICE.

  • shampoo

    i dont understand the whiners, i mean if you cant beat them, join them, if someone had a problem with the ir scope they could have  just used it themself. everybody has the same opportunity to get it and use it.

  • PIB_Hunter

    I bought the game with a working IRNV scope as part of the game. Nerfing it to the point it is at now has completely changed what I bought. It’s not like Dice didn’t know how this worked before release. I know they have to patch exploits and ‘bugs’ but the IRNV was nether of those. I’d join a class action lawsuit to recover my money as I feel Dice has ripped me off. (Maybe if these game developers got sued heavily once or twice they would ether A) not change game mechanics just to satisfy some whiners or B) do some more proper Alpha and Beta tests and implyment changes before asking the public to spend their money.

  • Tweek

    Nerfing in general ticks me off. It’s like buying a corvette, then the first time you bring it in for service, they flash it and take horsepower away. Give me the IRNV that was in the game that I paid for.

    Does EA/DICE have such incompetent developers and testers that they have to immediately cave in to the whiners that insist that every kit be exactly the same? Get a backbone and leave it the way you developed and tested it. Fix bugs, yes, but don’t take things away after we’ve had them.

    In BF2 they made the Blackhawk guns absolutely useless to the point that the vehicle only got used as transport after the nerf.

    • Chillrider

      Well i have stopped playing so i don’t care ,like i said its like bf2 all over again.The Noobs cry and Dice listens to them not the other players who have been having fun.

    • Baba

      Exactly what I thought…if u have the balls to implement smth new, then stick to it…

      The IRNV was smth new, smth fresh and all those old skillers suddenly had to get accustomed to smth new…

  • Silverback

    Campfest with all the snipers. At least IRNV gave them away so we could try get to them, remember even if we locate the sniper, it doesn’t mean we can cross 500meters up hill and get them. Most of the time there is another 2 or 3 of them that have spotted you. Change it back

  • the IRNV is almost like cheating. its for people who need a lot of help getting kills. im not going to lie i have fun using it but since i know the change is on its way to 360 i am using different scopes but i then return to the IRNV because every time i die the guy who kills me is using it so i give them a taste of their own medicine. its overpowered. no question about it. good move my DICE to ease it down a bit

  • the IRNV is almost like cheating. its for people who need a lot of help getting kills. im not going to lie i have fun using it but since i know the change is on its way to 360 i am using different scopes but i then return to the IRNV because every time i die the guy who kills me is using it so i give them a taste of their own medicine. its overpowered. no question about it. good move my DICE to ease it down a bit

    • Dougschombert

      The problem is that it’s not “eased down.” It flat out doesn’t work at all!

  • I play this game a lot and the main reason why i play this game over MW3 was there was a real way to deal with the constant camping that plagues online fps, some of u talked about skill well it doesn’t take any skill to camp in one spot the entire game and kill random people, as with the IRNV u would be dead. I have played about 4-5 hours since the patch and the game has become camper infected far worse than i have ever seen while playing. Yes i do get some kills because skill does play its role, but i find myself dying to some random camper a lot more and it has taken the fun out of the game. Thanks DICE for ruining a perfectly good game and hand it over to camper filth….

  • Chillrider

    Well i don’t like the changes to the game,i just don’t understand why you change something that works and people enjoy.Yes i worked hard to get it and now the game just sucks.Had the same problem with bf2 and the changes that made me quit the game.I’m not happy and this will be my last game from Dice.After 50 some hrs of fun game play i have had enough ,change the game back to what it was and let people play.

  • Dean

    Like many I worked to get it on all my guns and I did and enjoyed better team work because of it because I could help spot, many never got it on their guns and they never got to enjoy it. Now everyone camps andhardly move when they get a spot cause they can kill all running in, although it wasn’t realistic IT’S A GAME and nothing is realistic not how the guns shoot or how you take bullets so let’s forget the bs “realism” as it isn’t I promise if you are hit hit a bullet your not going to be jumping around missing other bullets out in open, you will drop. Back to game I now see even myself finding a good camping spot and just killing people running in because they can’t see me . I pulled a 39 and 3 doing it whereas if they had thermals I never would have gotten that. It added risk and panick, I liked that. now I camp…. so had never bout a cod game before but I did now to check it out and I hope it’s fun/ sorry dice you lost me I hate super camping and it made me do it because I couldnt scout my way through the campers just like they can’t do it to me. (it took the fun out of it) Now to the increased innacuracy. dumb move I feel for those just starting they don’t have a chance I have better weapons

    • Its not that it wasn’t realistic, it’s that it was overpowered. I went through a period of using it on the SKS and afterwards I sucked at BF3 for a while cause I was so reliant on how much better the IRNV scope made your visibility. I’m not sure how useful it’s going to be now though, seeing as there aren’t many instances where true IRNV is useful – some of the darker maps perhaps and if it works through smoke that’s a plus.

  • Rol

    I like the change.  I spoke to a former Marine Recon and he said… if I understood correctly…. the military Infrared alone does not allow or otherwise work in daylight like the pre patched infrared scope in BF3.  Also.. it is good only for shorter ranges than allowed in BF3 pre-patch.  I can get greater clarification if u want me to.   I believe VInciFerr description of the IRNV is accurate.


  • Kevinthewombat

    YES!!! DICE SHOULD CHANGE IT BACK! I worked very hard to get the thermal scope, then the day after i get it the patch is released and ruined the game for me. PLZ CHANGE IT BACK!!

    • Markomaxemos

      its only 100 kills u must suck ass, get some skill and quit bitching about a cheap thing that is now balanced it was too easy to find guys and too accurate now stfu noob

      • BigDaddyBane

        Not everybody is going to be an elitist MLG.  Some of casual gamers need this crutch so you MLG players can get kills.  If you get one of us noobs on your team, would you rather we run around dropping ammo and getting killed every 30 seconds or spot for you and actually help the team.  Some of us have a life beyond this game.  You are foolish if you think someone should devote hours on being a great gamer when raising a family and contributing to society clearly has more purpose.  This is just a game to me.  I don’t care if I am the best at it because something else will come out that I will have to learn to play.  Yes, I am not great at this game but I usually place in the top 4 when I play.  If you are tired of getting killed by us noobs maybe you should move around more. 

  • Sheanmckan2 0

    its fixed,leave it alone, or remove altogether, it should take skill to locate enemies in a multiplayer video game, just like skill to aim and shoot accurately ,most irnv fans probably want auto aim too.

  • Anonymous

    Game Balance > Real world specs and necessity. Honestly adapt and overcome, obviously you got 100 kills with the weapon before the IRNV before hand, so whats stopping you from before?

  • VinciFerr

    It looks GREAT now, at nightime maps it works perfectly, and daylight, it is a piece of trash, the way it should be.

    • You do realise it is an InfraRed Night Nision scope based on the ENVG? I wasn’t aware thermal scopes don’t work in the daylight… No wonder it got nerfed when crybabies don’t even know what it bloody is.

      • Sheanmckan2 0

        its about balance and fun ,not realism,,,,when military has auto aim bullets do you want that too? you probably do.

        • ktc

          after the nerf theres to many campers in the game….. i thought it was a good idea before cause it was op but now i think they should have left it alone. sure it was op but it didnt change the balance of the game. Now its to many campers and snipers = (

        • Rol

          KTC:   My concern is sniper fest maps:<)   I would like to see a way like in AA3 and in BC2 the administrator can limit the number of classes… snipers.   As to the IRNV scope… limit it to infrared. 


      • Rol

        Dino:  Is the ENVG modeled in BF3?  Marine Recon did confirm the mil unit is also thermal and therefore works during daylight?