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Verizon blocks Google Wallet on Galaxy Nexus – Big issue or not?

If you have been looking forward to using Google Wallet on the 4G LTE Galaxy Nexus when it releases on Verizon Wireless, you shouldn’t bother. It has now been widely reported that Verizon has blocked the service in favor of joining a competing service called ISIS instead.

For those of you that haven’t been following this much-debated story, it has now become apparent that Verizon has opted not to allow Galaxy Nexus users to use Google’s own Wallet service, as they want users to utilize a new service called ISIS which T-Mobile and AT&T have also signed up to.

Considering that the Galaxy Nexus is meant to be a ‘pure Google’ experience, you can imagine that a few Verizon customers are not happy at all with the move, with some finding it ridiculous that Verizon would do such a move in favor of their own motives. It now appears out of Google’s hands, or they have chosen to ‘let this one go’ so to speak, as the only official comment they decided to make as of yet, can be seen below as reported from Reuters:

“Verizon asked us not to include this functionality in the product”

Verizon has yet to release an official statement on the matter, and it is even more frustrating in the sense that Google Wallet is a service that is readily available now for free, yet ISIS is an unknown product at the moment which has yet to find its feet in the market. For these reasons alone, we ask you – Is the criticism aimed towards Verizon justified?

ISIS is expected to roll out at some point next year, leaving new Galaxy Nexus customers without a mobile payment solution. Google Wallet was sure to be an exciting addition on top of the already luxurious features available on the Nexus, but sadly this won’t happen – officially that is.

If you were looking forward to using Google Wallet on the Galaxy Nexus, give us your thoughts on Verizon’s decision to block the service.



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