Skyrim Serious HD Retexture mod, before and after textures

By Jamie Pert - Dec 6, 2011

As a Skyrim fan who plays the game on the Xbox 360 I must admit that I am quite jealous of the mods available to PC gamers, today we have stumbled upon the Serious HD Retexture Landscape mod for Skyrim which is being developed by Z4G4, a mod which makes the game look more visually stunning than ever before.

This mod is currently one of the hottest mods over at, today we will give you a quick overview of what it does and why you should install it. What’s great is the fact that it is Z4G4’s first ever mod and he keeps on updating it, so imagine how much better things will get in the future.

You can download the mod for yourself here (make sure you choose the correct resolution), to install the mod simply extract the downloaded file and put the extracted “textures” folder in to steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\data folder directory and start the game up, it’s that simple. You will also need to install the 4GB Skyrim mod from here. Alternatively for easy downloads, installation and updating of mods check out the beta version of the Nexus Mod Manager – this comes highly recommended from a good friend of mine.

If you scroll down to the bottom of this post you can see plenty of texture comparison images and even a video which shows the mod installed, the author of this video (YouTube channel here) claims that installing the retexture mod and the 4GB mod has no adverse effects on the game and if you watch his video full screen in HD you will see just how significant the changes are.

You can see lots of texture comparison examples and screenshots here, we have embedded some of our favorites below and don’t forget to watch the video we mentioned earlier – have you installed this mod? If so, is it as good as we believe it to be?

Click on the images for high-res versions.

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  • Jay

    There’s no need to be jealous of the PC gamers, Jamie. Simple solution: Return your X360 or PS3 version to your vendor and purchase the PC version instead. Also, you’re definitely going to need the 4GB memory mod in order to run graphic intensive mods such as this without crashes.

    • But then I would have to buy an expensive gaming rig…

      • Lady-kazenra

        I got a pretty decent one for £500 (I know that’s still expensive but better than the 2k my friend dished out :’D) Can only have skyrim on medium level graphics sadly, but still runs likes a dream.

        I own both an xbox and a PC and I would choose PC everytime.
        Mostly cuz how people can move accurately with a stick is beyond me O_o how do you even aim on portal!?

  • Sam

    Skyrim HD is also doing the same, but he’s actually re texturing towns, houses, forests, trees everything. Its a much more ambitious project.