Mario Kart 7 helping Nintendo 3DS to sell out in UK retailers

By Gary Johnson - Dec 6, 2011

The Nintendo 3DS was launched earlier this year too much fan fare around the world. The first few days saw a good take up of the device. This quickly tailed off though with sales struggling along until Nintendo announced a big price cut to the handheld console. The sluggish start to the devices life was put down to the lack of good launch titles, but this is changing thanks to the likes of Mario Kart 7 that is helping the Nintendo 3DS to sell out in UK retailers.

We told you recently that sales of the console had picked up and were set to beat the first year’s sales of previous models. Now following the launch of Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D, these have helped the 3DS to have a surge in sales and MCV is reporting that sources from retailers have said the Metallic Red version has almost sold out.

Other colors are also reportedly in limited quantities with Iain Johnson, GAME’s category manager for Nintendo, said the retailer has “high expectations for the final few weeks before Christmas.” Despite some gamers reservations of the console it is good to see it finally becoming a success, and whether you love or hate Nintendo no one would really want to see a company fail.

Obviously many hard core gamers will probably decide on getting the upcoming PS Vita for their mobile gaming needs, but many younger gamers will probably be getting the 3DS this year under the Christmas tree. Have you recently purchased the Nintendo 3DS?

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  • What I cant fathom is why on earth Nintendo left such a humungous time lapse between the launch of the 3DS and the launching of the Mario 3Ds games. Mario Land and Mario Kart have been the only two games Ive bought apart from some motorsport game at launch time because that was pretty much it.Never ever do this again Nintendo or your dead meat.