iPhone 5 release to bring quad-core and 16:9 720p display?

By Gary Johnson - Dec 6, 2011

Since Apple released the iPhone 4S back in October there has been a few rumors emerging about what the company will be bringing next. We recently had talk of various companies supplying Apple with 4-inch displays for the next handset. Today we have reports that the iPhone 5 release could be bringing a quad-core processor with a 16:9 720p display.

When Apple bring out a new iPhone we can expect it to be faster than the previous model, and we have heard reports of a quad-core processor before. Now MacRumors are reporting that Apple are busy testing new CPUs and GPUs, but are also working on some new display options as well.

A German Mac blog is claiming that sources are saying that Apple is internally testing both dual-core and quad-core CPUs for future iOS devices. They are also supposedly working on new displays with a variety of resolutions that include one similar to the current model.

One of these is claimed to be a 1280 x 720 display that would be a similar set up to what is found on the LG Nitro HD. Another feature Apple is said to be looking at on the next iPhone is the aspect ratio of the display. The current model as a 3:2 aspect ratio, but it is thought Apple could be considering a 1440 x 900 display.

This is the HD standard 16:9 widescreen resolution and would prove a big leap forward regarding the display currently found on the iPhone. It would make sense for the company to provide a better screen for the iPhone, as since the current display first made an appearance it has somewhat been left behind by the competition.

Would you like to see a 16:9 display on the iPhone?

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  • Lczapla02

    Articles like these really annoy me, its all rumors, if u guys are going to keep making these things up people will build up hype for the rumors and if apple dont make these rumors true then ppl will be dissapointed. So lets just wait and see wat apple will bring us….

  • Tom123

    This is rubbish. Apple will bring out a full hd screen to keep up with the competition…

  • I’m keeping all my options open til October 2012 when I can get off my chronically slow arthritic 9800 and get something with a bloody decent processor.A fast processor that doesnt suck the life out of your battery or buy a case that adds to your battery life-have seen them for iphones,available from the US.Then  there is Windows 8 and Htc with Android. Should be a really big year for smartphones. Blackberry will really have to get their skates on to win my business again.