Early BF3 Back to Karkand DLC problems on PS3

We’re pleased to say that for most of you playing Battlefield 3 right now with a copy of the Limited Edition of the game, the highly anticipated Back to Karkand expansion pack is now live and available to download for free.

However, there’s one or two teething problems to tell you about as we’re sure that some of you have been experiencing a few problems when trying to find a Back to Karkand server on one of the four new maps that are available in the pack.

The good news, is that DICE has already highlighted this issue, and has stated that players who are finding it difficult to see a Back to Karkand map in the server browser, should instead use the quick match option on PS3 to select a B2K map for now, until they provide a fix to solve the problem. Here is the message in full, as taken on the official Battlefield blog:

‘At the moment, we are experiencing issues with the server browser. Please use the Quick Match filter settings to pick the Back to Karkand map and mode you want to play. Going through the server browser right now will match you up with base game maps only. We are hard at work isolating and fixing this issue and will have an ETA on this later. Stay tuned for more information. In the meantime, using Quick Match will let you select and play on any map, from the base game or Back to Karkand.”

On a side note, we’ve also read some isolated issues where the PlayStation Store is still asking gamers to pay for the Back to Karkand content, regardless if you own a Limited Edition version of the game, in which case it should be free. We have seen this problem at first hand ourselves, so we can definitely confirm that this is happening to a few of you.

Overall, there doesn’t appear to be any major problems with the new content, which is obviously great. If you have run into any Back to Karkand issues during installation or in-game, be sure to share your experiences with us below.



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