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Galaxy Nexus temptation as Amazon offers unlocked model for $769

We have just informed you about a new potential release date for the 4G LTE version of the Galaxy Nexus, but now we have some interesting details to share with you for those that just can’t wait to get their hands on the device. It looks like Amazon may be selling the Galaxy Nexus for US consumers early.

Our attention to an early Galaxy Nexus offering first came to light when we heard that Craigslist was offering up a 4G LTE Galaxy Nexus for a staggering $1000, from a seller in Phoenix who appeared to be in possession of a Galaxy Nexus test unit. The description highlighted that the device came with a custom version of Ice Cream Sandwich while pictures included in the listing revealed that there was no Verizon branding on the back of the device either.

Well that listing has now disappeared, but a new listing over at Amazon has now popped up and we can confirm that the listing is still live at the moment. According to Amazon, the retailer is offering an unlocked 16GB Galaxy Nexus for $769 and those who buy one now will have delivery confirmed before December 25th. The listing says that there are only three handsets left in stock, but obviously since it is unlocked it looks like this is just the GSM version up for sale in the US.

Considering the delays over the 4G LTE version on Verizon though, this is still an attractive proposition as it may be the earliest opportunity to pick up a Galaxy Nexus in the US since Verizon are still yet to announce an official release date. Paying almost $800 for a smartphone though will be too much to handle for most consumers though so only the hardcore following with cash to blow should only go for this.

Are you tempted to pay $770 for an unlocked Galaxy Nexus in the US, or are you still prepared to wait on Verizon as they play mind games with their consumers?



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