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Final Fantasy VII remake: Download playable PC demo now

We have some exciting information for Final Fantasy VII fans now, as one clever developer has created a playable demo of the infamous Final Fantasy VII remake which once made an appearance as a tech demo a few years back.

This demo looks to have been created from scratch though, using the Unreal Engine 3 – and it looks pretty good as well for a fan project. Just like Square’s tech demo released at E3 2005, this version also shows the opening sequence of the game when Cloud gets off the train at the Mako reactor, only this time it is playable, as reported from VG247.

Just how long this playable demo will be up for download remains to be seen though, as Square-Enix may decide that they do not like the copyrighted material in the game and as a result may decide to pull the plug. Seeing the enormous length that the developer has gone to though, hopefully common sense will prevail and Square-Enix will allow fans to get a taste of this as it really deserves at least a try out.

Who knows, the very existance of this new playable Final Fantasy VII remake may put even further pressure on Square-Enix to officially remake the game since it remains one of the most requested items in the legacy of Final Fantasy, especially after some below-par game releases such as Final Fantasy XIII.

If you’re interested in giving this a go, you can download the demo from the official website here. There’s also some preview screenshots and a section showing how the demo was created from scratch – pretty impressive again considering the guy has done this just for the fans. If you don’t intend to play it, you can just watch the video below so you get an idea of the quality of the remake.

For those of you that have played the 1997 original, how does this playable build make you feel? Does it do justice to the original or not?



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