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CES 2012: New Ice Cream Sandwich phones from Sprint, Samsung, Intel?

Last year’s Consumer Electronics Show brought some very exciting smartphone debuts to the table, one of those being the popular Droid Bionic handset from Motorola. Now, we have just heard some particularly interesting rumors about CES 2012, relating to some new unannounced Ice Cream Sandwich handsets.

CES 2012 will take place over three days next month, starting on January 10 and ending on January 13th. As with every year you can expect to see new smartphone debuts, but early rumors released recently claims that Samsung, Sprint and even Intel could all be lining up to unveil a brand new smartphone at the show.

First up is Samsung, as AndroidandMe is reporting that CES 2012 will see the company unveil a new Ice Cream Sandwich powered device, a device that could be powered by Intel and could be heading to the Sprint network.

Intel and Sprint are rumored to be having their own individual CES 2012 parties as well, as according to PC World, Intel apparently are in the final stages of selecting a manufacturer to build their device which would run on their Atom processor and would also be running on Android 4.0 ICS too.

Last but not least may see Sprint once again return to the limelight with a brand new smartphone, which again could be powered by Intel and Android 4.0 as reported from AllThingsD. Could Intel be the brand new player in 2012 that is set to give NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 chip a run for its money? It certainly seems that way based on these rumors and more choice in the market is obviously a great thing from a consumers perspective.

What about the elusive Samsung Galaxy S III as well – is it too early to start thinking about a possible debut for this handset at CES? Either way, the event is definitely going to turn heads so we can’t wait to see what happens. Let us know your predictions for the event, and the possibility of Intel unveiling multiple Android 4.0 smartphones.

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