EA Online Pass expiring early not just used titles

By Gary Johnson - Dec 4, 2011

In recent years gaming has changed with more people preferring to play online against other gamers, instead of just playing a campaign mode of a game such as Battlefield 3. This has led to some titles coming with an online pass that once activated is useless if the game is ever sold on to another gamer. Now we have reports that some EA Online Passes are expiring early and not just with used titles.

According to Joystiq a member of NeoGaf has complained that his brand new copy of EA’s Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit had an Online Pass that didn’t work. This led to many other users of the forum coming forward and reporting similar stories. Obviously blocking gamers who purchase a new title from the online community wouldn’t be a good move by EA.

EA were asked about the situation and it was confirmed the Online Pass for some new games can expire and block gamers getting to the online part of the game. Owners can download a new one or get one from EA direct according to the publisher. EA stated as a rule no Online Passes should expire, but some games do have a time limit on their use including new purchases.

The company stated that Dragon Age 2 has an Online Pass that runs out on March 31st next year according to EA, but getting a new one or re-downloading won’t cost gamers anything more though. It does seem a strange policy by EA though making gamers who purchase a new copy of a game that may have been available a while going through all the messing about getting a new pass.

Have you ever had an Online Pass from a new game that had expired?

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  • I refuse to buy any game that requires an online pass. It’s a stupid move by a money hungry publishing company. So the answer to your question would be NO. Screw EA!