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Samsung reminds the world that Apple’s iPhones are not 4G

Last week, we told you how Samsung unleashed their now-infamous Galaxy S II ad which teased Apple and their iPhone 4S handset by poking fun at the traditional iPhone queues that take place and also the recent battery life woes that Apple consumers have had to endure.

Now though, the company are back with their second direct swipe at Apple, with a new Galaxy S II commercial which takes a further potshot at Apple iPhone owners by pointing out the fact that Apple’s iPhone devices are not currently 4G supported.

During the commerical, we see some queuers frantically checking their iPhones to see whether or not their phones are 4G supported. One woman walks past and then one of the queuers says to her: ‘Your phone, is it 4G?’ The lady then whips out her 4G supported Samsung Galaxy S II and delivers the Apple swipe by saying ‘Why don’t you guys just get 4G phones’?

Surprisingly, we still haven’t seen a counter-attack from Apple in response to the original ad that Samsung released. We thought the company would hit back immediately, but we haven’t seen anything as of yet. Will this latest ad push Apple into a response or will they just let Samsung keep the fire burning for now?

Obviously it is a known fact that the iPhone is still not 4G supported, but current iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 owners will be hoping that the inevitable iPhone 5 will change that and will contain support for 4G LTE. There are plenty of rumors floating around as well suggesting that the next iPhone will have support for 4G, so fingers crossed.

What are your thoughts on Samsung’s latest dig at Apple? Do you see it as a little petty from Samsung, or just harmless banter? Either way, we’re looking forward to seeing more ads released from both companies.



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