Nintendo Wii U specs reportedly 50% more powerful than Xbox 360

By Gary Johnson - Dec 3, 2011

In a few months time we will see the release of the next generation of Wii console from Nintendo. It is rumored to be coming after the 2012 E3 event in June, and now is believed to support to dual touchscreen controllers. Today we have news that the Nintendo Wii U is reportedly 50% more powerful than the Xbox360.

The company is to finally release a new more powerful console that will support HD graphics. According to Wii U Daily developers that have managed to get access to the new console are claiming that it is 50% more powerful than the Xbox 360 and PS3. These estimates are based from information gained from a Japanese developer who is currently working on porting a PS3 game to the new console.

Nintendo have allegedly designed the Wii U with a quad core 3 GHz PowerPC based 45nm processor that is similar to the Xbox 360 chip. There are also 768 of DRAM embedded with the processor that is shared between the CPU and GPU, which is an unknown 40nm ATI based unit.

There are also claims that Nintendo has been testing two versions of the new console with both 1 GB and 768 MB of RAM. This is claimed to be made by IBM and is embedded with the processor that results in more bandwidth.

It has already been confirmed by Nintendo that the Wii U will support both 1080p and 3D graphics when it is finally released. The new console could have a bigger fight on its hands as there have been recent rumors suggesting the next console from Microsoft could be released later next year.

Do you think the new Nintendo console has enough to offer to gamers if these specifications are correct?

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  • Thejimboism

    Edram 768mb? Or a gig of it? That would basically stop any latency all together. It would be a developers dream to develop for. But that must be a mistake as it would cost a fortune to produce and the cpu would be huge. I hope its somehow true it would be theoretically a lot more capable than just 50% more than a 360.

    • Jootalxkrap

      Cost a fortune to produce? WTF are you talking about?
      You do realise i can buy 8GB of ddr3 ram today for under £34 and i could also buy 1GB of ddr3 ram for £6.07 source.. Dabs.
      Please have a clue about what you are saying before spouting nonsense.

  • hmm,i believe wii u will prove to be a big success for nintendo.I hear more talks about wii u than ps vita.lets see its hard to say anything abt this for now!

  • Shamil D11

    You know something in this spec sheet is wrong when the system has 768MB of eDRAM. Not only would that be expensive, but so big that is would take up most of your living room. Btw, the Wii U is already said to have a Power7, not PowerPC.

  • hyper_boy_4life

    is that all for a console around 6 years newer ><

    • Smurfman256

      umm, the source (Wii U Daily) stated that these were the specs in the dev kit shown in March….as in the “Underclocked Kits” that were being used.

    • Four times the power means four times the price dude.

      PS3 launched at 600 dollars five years ago. A theoretical Playstation 4 demonstrating the same leap in horsepower as we saw from PS2 to PS3 would naturally cost 700+ today.

      Impressive spec sheets may win bragging rights in fanboy land, but you can’t take it to the bank if the system is only going to sell to a limited audience willing to pay top dollar for the most advanced hardware technically possible, and more expensive games to play on it.

      • hyper_boy_4life

        But it isn’t 4x the power, only 1.5x. And i’m sure they will be charging more than that, not that i would blame them anyway seeing as consoles are sold at a loss. also I don’t see any nintendo game pushing these limits anyway, and any 3rd party devoloper will also be designing in mind of ps3 and xbox360.