Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE speed test, Android 4.1.0 update at launch

By Alan Ng - Dec 3, 2011

If you haven’t realised by now judging by the frequent stream of Galaxy Nexus-related content that we have been churning out – the Galaxy Nexus is coming soon, as we are potentially just one week away from Google and Verizon’s debut Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 handset.

To provide you with a further insight into the upcoming launch, we have another useful video for you to check out, with this one giving an idea of what 4G LTE speeds the handset will be able to produce when using the popular Speed Test application.

The test was performed on a 4G LTE Galaxy Nexus in a area where the user only had 2 bars of signal coverage. If you watch the video, you’ll see that the handset still manages to produce an impressive 8MB+ download speed and almost 3MB as an upload speed. If you ask any 4G smartphone owner, they’ll agree instantly that 8MB+ with just two bars of signal is pretty good going.

The well-documented release saga for the device has obviously been a very frustrating time for consumers who are looking to pick up the device, but once it finally does arrive it looks like you’ll be getting one of if not the best smartphone on Verizon hands down. Earlier on in the week we showed you another video which confirmed that the device would be shipping with Android 4.0.2, but thanks to new intel at Phandroid, it has actually been confirmed that the 4G LTE Galaxy Nexus will receive another pre-release firmware update which will bring the handset up for version 4.1.0 of Ice Cream Sandwich at launch.

The 4G LTE Galaxy Nexus may be coming with a few Verizon apps pre-loaded, but at least it looks like the device will be getting future Android software updates before any other Android device, which is obviously very refreshing.

Check out the short clip below and let us know your thoughts on the speed test. Would a download speed of 8MB be sufficient for you in your area?

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  • Anonymous

    Sorry but that isn’t impressive at all, I live in NY currently an owner of the Droid Bionic, my Normal speeds are 16-25 mbps up and 5-7 down.

  • is good at 2 bars but tmobile network on hspa+ is already putting down 20+mbs sooooo nothing we haven’t seen yet 😛