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New Galaxy Nexus US release date at Best Buy adds to confusion

When will the US Galaxy Nexus release saga finally come to an end? Consumers have been teased for the last few months, awaiting some kind of official sign from Verizon on when they’ll start to sell the device. Some fresh rumors have once again thrown caution to the wind for those expecting the device to drop on December 8th.

If you have been following the US release journey for the Galaxy Nexus, you’ll know that December 8th ‘seemed’ to be the final resting place for the 4G LTE Galaxy Nexus, but new information coming out of Best Buy threatens to override that once again.

According to an internal Best Buy inventory image obtained by Engadget, the Galaxy Nexus will be launching three days later on December 11th, which happens to to fall on a Sunday which you may find strange since Thursday is usually the traditional day for all new Verizon smartphone launches.

The reassuring aspect of this new leak is that it is obviously just three days later, as we’re sure the majority of you will not be bothered too much about waiting a further few days to pick up the world’s first (official) Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone. All these delays though are obviously not too good on the heart, and again we wonder why Verizon do not just announce an official launch date to put everyone’s mind at ease.

Given what has happened though with the US Galaxy Nexus, that would be too easy wouldn’t it, and who’s to say that we won’t have even more twists and turns before December 8? Anyway, treat this as another potential date for now, but let’s hope that December 8 remains the date when the device will finally arrive.

How accurate do you think this new Best Buy listing is? Would it be logical for Google and Verizon to launch the device in the US on a Sunday?



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