Skyrim: Lag problems continue after 1.2 / 2.01 patch update?

By Alan Ng - Dec 1, 2011

If you have the PS3 version of Skyrim, it looks like there are still a fair amount of gamers who are experiencing lag related issues with the game, despite Bethesda sending out patch 1.2 / 2.01 to fix up the initial problem that officially crippled the game.

Fresh reports are now circulating that the problem still lurks deep inside the PS3 version of the game, although thankfully the problems seem to be less widespread following on from the patch update.

We’ve heard that smooth gameplay once again returns to the PS3 version of the game after installing the update and passing the 6MB game save limit that first caused problems. However, after a few hours of continous gameplay, reports are creeping in that the lag problems return to the game and eventually become ‘unplayable’ again, unfortunately.

This problem has been verified by the guys over at CVG, who have cited information from ex-PlayStation Magazine Editor Tim Clark, who struggles to recommend the PS3 version of the game since the problems still exist after installing the 1.2 patch update. Here is a few quotes from CVG’s report:

”Initially, I was startled by how buttery smooth the framerate seemed having installed the patch,” Tim wrote. “It even held up fine when going into problem areas crowded with NPCs, such as Whiterun, or engaging in large scale scraps with multiple enemies out in the wild. I was a happy Sabre Cat. However, extended play later last night – and we’re talking a three hour session – saw the choppiness creep back in, until eventually it became unplayable again.”

Obviously that is a huge problem if it is happening to a lot of other gamers, but one other important aspect that may factor in these problems, is the lag may now be related to what PS3 system you are using, with whispers online stating that those with the fat PS3 model are more prone to running into problems – see the official Bethesda forum here for evidence of this.

Bethesda are putting the word out right now that Skyrim is up for G.O.T.Y, but we would like to see an end to these problems once and for all. Again, we understand that some of you may be having a problem-free game, but according to reports above, others are clearly not.

Are you experiencing the same problem as above? If so, are you running the game on a fat or slim PS3? We’ll update you if we hear any official word from Bethesda.

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  • Mabuh

    I don’t know why Bethesda even makes games for PS3, or why I’m stupid enough to keep buying them.

  • Anonymous

    Had lag and freezing issues( 3 month old ps3) prior to the newest patch. Fixed it for a while, after 30+ hours of additional play Its rearing its ugly head once again and it seems to be worst than before. After all the bugs in Fall Out New Vegas I’m staying away from all Bethesda titles until proven reliable.

  • Torrey Walker

    this is an amazing game i love evrything about it…..but all the problems im experiancing im starting to not enjoy it i have an older tv not hd someof the game wont fit on my screen like the cursor or the items and magic menu and lag SKYRIM PLEASE FIX ALL OF THIS I LOVE YOU!!!!!

  • Sil3ntsc0p3xx

    game is now unplayable for me.. it was bad before the update but i put up with it.. but now.. i can move 2 spaces every 10 secs.. i cant even play this anymore untill they do another patch which could take weeks – months :

  • Sam

    Don’t think it’s only PS3, the patch made a mess on PC too. I had pretty much no issue with the game, now though, I get freezes and lags. Lower res textures too. Rather than fixing the game bethesda prefers to lower the textures and expect pc owner too actually miss it. Bunch of thieves. Of course, no word on the creation kit either, so we can’t fix our own problems, since the devs are too damn stupid to fix their own mess.

  • TheBigBadMe123

    I have a slim 250 gig ps3 and I have to say the lag has improved and I too liked how the frame rate was smooth but after playing about 4-5 hours the came back.i would like Bethesda to release patch 3 as I won’t be playing skyrim until then

    • Jamesf698

      For those having problems first delete the corrupt files in saved data utility then go to options in skyrim and turn off all the auto save options. This will not fix everything but it makes the game playable and it stopped freezing for me. Before it was freezing every 2 hours i did this and it hasnt frozen for 3 days. It also decreases load time since it doesnt save. Just remember to save often!

  • More lag and I’ve had 7 freezes since the patch. It’s gone from annoying to unplayable for me. I have a 320gb Slim PS3.

  • i’m getting the lag even more nowafter the patch.  🙁