HTC Rezound problems emerge with dodgy headphone / iBeats bug?

By Alan Ng - Dec 1, 2011

For a phone that has music sound quality as its biggest selling point, you may be disappointed to hear new reports today that the HTC Rezound is suffering from headphone related sound problems, including those mighty Beats earphones that come included with the device.

At the moment, the problem appears to only be affecting a small minority of HTC Rezound owners, but from feedback we’ve seen so far it looks like those numbers are growing by the day. A report by Droid-Life talks about the problems at hand, revealing that some users are noticing a pesky static interference when listening to music through the headphones.

The problem isn’t thought to be an internal issue with the Beats Audio built into the phone, but it is affecting consumers who listen to music through any set of headphones, including the iBeats earphones. Unfortunately, the specific cause behind this problem hasn’t been determined yet, but one possible theory is that it could be related to Verizon’s 4G LTE service.

HTC are yet to comment on the issues as they are probably waiting to see if this issue is really a major problem first before they take action. We’re hoping that this is just software related so a patch can be issued to fix it up quickly. The worse case scenario of course would be that the problem is hardware-related which would then be a huge headache for HTC as they may need to recall devices to be fixed.

We wish we had more concrete information to share with you, but it appears like this issue has only started to gain attention. If you bought a Rezound recently and have also noticed a static interference with your headphones, then let us know if you have any additional information. We’ll update this when we can.

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  • DharmaDog

    I have noticed this static interference and it is extremely annoying. 
    Does not mater what headphones you are using or appear to have anything
    to do with the radio – happens with 3G and 4G both.  I also hear it when
    I have my phone patched into my car sound system.

  • Betta2 Geo

    Yes, I’ve noticed it on 3G when connected via aux in my car. Listening to Pandora, in between songs especially. I’ll have to specifically check headphones though. I don’t think It’s 4G only.

  • Thedecipher

    Having the same problem. Whether it be iBeats or the iPhone headphones. Very noticeable static noise coming. Very annoying considering it was marketed as a perfect phone for Audiophiles.