Galaxy Nexus LTE Verizon release nears as press images emerge

By Gary Johnson - Dec 1, 2011

While consumers in the US wait for the Galaxy Nexus to arrive, owners where the handset is already available have had to deal with the sound issues. This looks to be solved now as fresh stock and an over the air software update are now being made available. The Galaxy Nexus LTE Verizon release nears as press images of the handset emerge.

Earlier today we a video for you that showed the duration of the handset booting up. Now while consumers in the US wait for an official release date some images of the handset have appeared. Anandtech are reporting that someone on the Android forums spotted the images of the Galaxy Nexus via the Verizon website source code.

The high resolution images that can be seen via the link show the device with a slightly different gunmetal grey color scheme. It is also 0.53mm thicker than the standard model and weighs 15 grams more. This will be down to the 4G LTE compatibility and the fact it has an extra 100mAh on the battery to provide a bit more juice to power the 4G chip.

The Verizon version is also thought to be coming with 32GB of on board storage compared to the 16GB found in the UK. With regards to the expected release date for the handset current speculation is pointing to December 8th. So we could only be one more week away from the device being available on US shores.

There has been speculation before that the handset was delayed so the issues surround the volume controls could be ironed out. Now this has been done we should hear something official pretty soon.

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  • TechPro

    None of this “BS” is from Verizon OR Samsung.  Until Verizon announces it, it has never officially been announced/delayed.  Not once has Verizon given a specific date.  EVERY one of these ridiculous articles are based on internet rumors.  If this stops you from buying a phone than you are the definition of naive and gullible.

    • L Lovell

      YES! Verizon and Samsung have BOTH announced this device.  No, they have not announced a release date, but DON”T announce a device three months ahead with NO updates of REAL information.  Naive?  Quite the opposite!  I can think for myself and not be blinded by loyalty to these companies that poorly market!

    • L Lovell

      DON’T announce a device until you are ready to release it within a few weeks or a month!!  It does NOT build anticipation, it builds frustration–just read posting on the Net! I guess labeling yourself as “TechPro” makes you more authoritative?  That’s Naive!

  • L Lovell

    MORE BS from Samsung and Verizon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Let’s all go to another device!!!!!!!!