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CS GO Beta: AWP gameplay videos on de_dust / de_dust2

As we informed you yesterday, the highly anticipated closed beta for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has finally gone live. It looks like the clues from Valve’s Twitter account were correct after all, as players with a beta key can now hop on and get a sample of the newest iteration of CS.

Unfortunately, if you don’t have a beta key there’s no other way of entering the beta at the moment as Valve has said that they want to keep the first beta test low key until eventually opening up the beta to more and more users in the month to come.

As a result, we know a lot of you are desperate for a beta key to get in, but we do have a few gameplay videos from the beta already to show you, giving you an example of how different Global Offensive looks to Counter-Strike: Source and 1.6.

CS: GO is meant to be an amalgamation of both games, and if you watch the video you’ll see that that is fairly spot on. The core gameplay is obviously the same, but you’ll see that there are new locations added to the traditional de_dust and de_dust2 maps that are available in the beta, while there’s a brand new interface and little gameplay tweaks such as displaying the MVP after the end of each round.

Two videos we have to show you gives you an introduction to how the AWP differs in CS:GO, compared to how the weapon handles in say 1.6 or CS: source. The map takes place on de_dust, but we’ve added another video below to show off some detailed gameplay on de_dust2 as well – there’s only two maps on the beta for now, hopefully Valve will decide to add more before the full game releases next year, inferno or nuke would be nice.

Don’t forget that Counter-Strike Global Offensive is also coming to the PS3 and Xbox 360 next year, but at the moment this beta is strictly PC only. If you have managed to obtain a key and have already had a good play of the game, let us know your first impressions. Is CS: GO better than 1.6 and Source in your opinion?



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