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4G LTE Galaxy Nexus video shows Android 4.0.2 and boot-up duration

At the start of the week we spoke about the possibility of the imminent 4G LTE Galaxy Nexus shipping with the very latest version of Ice Cream Sandwich – that being Android 4.0.2. Well now, a new video has surfaced showing a 4G LTE model and another confirmation that it is running 4.0.2.

As most of you are already well aware, US consumers are still without a solid release date for the device, despite the fact that the GSM version of the Galaxy Nexus has already been available to buy in Europe for two weeks now.

Better late than never though, as once it finally does arrive all will be well again and most of you will forget about the prolonged release saga as long as you get a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich, the main highlight of the Galaxy Nexus. A new video of the 4G LTE version has been released a few hours ago and it once again confirms if you didn’t know that all 4G LTE handsets will ship with Android 4.0.2.

According to the uploader, the 4G LTE version will also come with a variety of Verizon’s infamous pre-loaded apps such as My Verizon Mobile and VZ Backup Assistant, and this is obviously one of the main reasons why we don’t see the ‘with Google’ branding on the back of the device. A lot of you are obviously not too happy about this after believing that this would be a ‘pure Google’ device, but we say it’s not really the end of the world as it doesn’t take long to rid yourself of those apps completely should you wish to.

The video below also gives you a look at the 28 second boot animation on the device, a boot animation which some of you may have already downloaded to other Android handsets since it became available a few weeks ago. Considering that this particular handset is now out in the wild, let’s hope that it’s an indication that Verizon and Google will finally make the handset available to buy on December 8th.

What are your thoughts on the fact that the 4G LTE Galaxy Nexus comes pre-loaded with Verizon apps, is it such a big deal to you or not?



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