Skyrim Oghma Infinium paths detailed

By Jamie Pert - Nov 30, 2011

Nine days ago we told you all about a Skyrim cheat / glitch which involved reading the Oghma Infinium book over and over again, however not everyone wants to cheat. Today we thought we would talk about the Oghma Infinium skill book in more detail to give you some indication as to why this is such an important item in the game.

Let’s start with a quick overview of how you acquire the Oghma Infinium book, firstly you need to be at least level 15, then you should head to the College of Winterhold and speak to Urag gro-Shub who is found the Arcanaeum. Talk to him about the Insane book and the quest will start, you will then have to find Septimus Signus, transcribe the Lexicon, give the Lexicon to Septimus, harvest orc, falmer, dark elf, wood elf and high elf blood, take the blood to Septimus and then take the Oghma Infinium. Harvesting the blood is probably the trickiest part so check out this walkthrough for full details.

When you read the Oghma Infinium there will be three paths to choose from, these are the path of might, the path of shadow and the path of magic, all of which will suit different types of player. If you taking out the enemy with heavy weaponry and your bow you should take the ‘Path of Might’, this gives you plus 5 in the Heavy Armor, One-handed, Smithing, Two-handed, Archery and Block skills.

Alternatively if you fancy yourself as a stealthy character who likes to pick a pocket (or two) you should take the ‘Path of Shadow’, this will give you plus 5 in Light Armor, Speech, Pickpocket, Alchemy, Sneak and Lockpicking skills. Finally if you prefer mage-like abilities you should take the ‘Path of Magic’, this gives you plus 5 in the Destruction, Restoration, Conjuration, Illusion, Alteration and Enchanting skills.

As you can see this is a pretty important part in the growth of your character, therefore choose your path wisely – personally I will opt for the Path of Magic this time round, however when I choose Orc I will try out the Path of Might. What path did you take? Did you stay strong and ignore the cheat?

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  • Orck

    Im an orc and i didnt use a lot of magic in the game but i would like to so if i read the path of magic does it help? Or should i stick with might?

  • Sorenottomybuddy

    I used it to bolster my weaker stats. And damn cheating. Lvl 64 Orc Two-handed fighter/conjurer.

    • Orck

      Did you read the path of magic? Cuz im an orc too and i dont know what to chooze

  • ShadowReaper

    I find it odd the book when I first heard about it i was lucky to have not updated so I could get and makes hundreds of the book lmao

  • Lordmass0071

    I have tried the so called glitch but it seems it will not work for me. I am on and all locations do not work for need help

  • Bigpun

     I like bacon

  • Sam

    Bah Cheat I would not call it that. Think of it as a daedric booster shot.